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By: Rob Jordan | 3.18.13

Blackbaud bought Convio.  Shortly thereafter, it dropped the Common Ground Midmarket CRM (built on  The result were hundreds of small and medium sized nonprofits being corralled into the suite of Blackbaud products (like eTapestry).  Interestingly enough, the more robust solution known as Luminate was still available and would continue to be supported.  Luminate is a package of the Convio COM suite with the Common Ground Enterprise CRM (built on

Well, Luminate may have a limited shelf life too.  Based on a recent Blackbaud post it appears the suite of COM products will soon integrate with Blackbaud CRM.  Although it is conceivable that Blackbaud would support both CRM integrations with COM products -- it would conflict with the trends we have seen in the past. So if you're a Luminate user, ask yourself…do you feel lucky?    Read more...


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