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3 Reasons Experience Cloud Is Worth the Investment

By: Dar Veverka

A great digital experience is key in building relationships with constituents. The ability to engage with an organization in a thoughtful, intuitive way is fundamental to the success of the mission. Salesforce’s Experience Cloud offers powerful tools to help nonprofits easily build interactive portals, online community spaces, and data-driven tracking systems. These features are invaluable in allowing organizations to develop meaningful relationships with their donors, volunteers, or constituents, all while saving precious staff time.

We’ve compiled the top three reasons why investing in Experience Cloud is fundamental to improving how your organization interacts with constituents online.

1. Ready to use out of the box

The (arguably) best thing about Experience Cloud is its powerful functionality right out of the box. Depending on the size and complexity of your mission, it’s likely that most of your needs can be met with features already built into the tool. 

Some of the most exciting Experience Cloud capabilities include grants management, knowledge libraries, volunteer organizing, and resource forums. Without needing to hire a developer, your organization can easily build out systems to track each phase in the grant application process, enable volunteers to access the data they need, or build document libraries to answer all of your constituents' most pressing questions. 

2. Grows with you

Perhaps you are a small organization and the features available in Experience Cloud feel overwhelming. While the tools available in Experience Cloud are used by some of the largest organizations in the world, their functionality is just as effective at a smaller scale. Knowing that your systems have the space to grow with you will present endless possibilities for your mission while keeping your site at the forefront of technological capabilities.

3. Seamless data integration

Having multiple sets of data spread across your site and CRM means twice as much time spent maintaining data integrity and consistency between systems. With Experience Cloud, your data is housed securely in one cohesive system - Salesforce. In most cases, organizations end up paying more in purchasing middleware (software that will connect your two or more data sets) and programming costs to maintain two data sources than they would have by investing in Experience Cloud from the start. When you make an update in Experience Cloud, it is instantly updated in Salesforce. 

Countless decisions are made based on the information organizations receive from data, so ensuring that you’re getting a complete and accurate picture is crucial. By having all of your data in one place, Experience Cloud protects against inconsistencies across sources.


Though it may seem appealing to attempt easy fixes within a system you already use, the robust Experience Cloud platform will ultimately prove worthwhile when considering the importance of a holistic dataset. Looking for more? See Idealist Consulting and Salesforce experts answer your most pressing Experience Cloud questions in our video series blog post.

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