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Helping good people do good things

As Salesforce Equality Partners and Oregon's longest certified BCorp, using business as a force for good is in our roots.

Commitment to Ethical Business Practice

These are the ethical standards that Idealist Consulting upholds as essential, not only for clients, but for the technology consulting industry as a whole:

  • Consultants will install and use only properly licensed software on their systems as well as the client's systems.
  • Consultants will divulge any potential conflicts of interest prior to accepting contracts, or as soon as possible after the conflict is discovered. Consultants who discover a conflict of interest or miss-alignment with Client mission goals, shall express their concern to the Service Delivery Manager.
  • Consultants will ensure that to the best of their knowledge they can complete the project in a professional manner in terms of both skill and time.
  • Consultants will keep the client informed of any matters relating to the contract, even if the information is unfavorable or may jeopardize the contract.
  • Consultants will safeguard any confidential information or documents entrusted to them and will not divulge any confidential information without the consent of the client.
  • Consultants will not engage in contracts that are in violation of the law or that might reasonably be used by the client to violate the law.

Our Environmental Impact

Idealist Consulting is a certified Sustainability at Work GOLD company, dedicated to reducing our environmental impact through the following policies:

  • Partner with cloud-based solutions that are committed to reducing the impact of our products and business operations on the environment.
  • Promote good environmental practice and awareness of environmental policies.
  • Promote the use of teleconferencing rather than travel to reduce environmental impact.
  • Promote the continued development of best practices and expertise in environmental disciplines related to environmental sustainability in such areas as the reduction of waste, recycling, and use of renewable energy resources.

Social Responsibility

B Corp Certification 

Idealist Consulting is among the first B Corp certified businesses in Oregon. As early adopters, B Corp certification requirements are at the heart of our business structure, consistently earning us the highest achievement scores in the certification categories of workers, community, and environment.

Community Service & Volunteerism 

In line with our founding Peace Corp values, Idealist Consulting values community service and volunteerism, civic responsibility and social service.

  • Nonprofit discounts and gifted time — We are often able to offer nonprofit client discounts or additional gifted time on active projects.
  • Volunteer time off for employees — We offer up to 8 hours of paid time off for the express purpose of volunteering through our Volunteer Initiative.
  • The Idealist Grant — Through the Idealist Grant, Idealist Consulting awards 10% of every business project to an annual grant. Idealist Consulting staff can nominate any current or former nonprofit clients for the grant. One recipient is selected annually based on cause affinity, need, and projected impact, by a committee of Idealist Consulting staff.

The Idealist Grant

Through the Idealist Grant, Idealist Consulting awards 10% of every business project to an annual grant. Idealist Consulting staff can nominate any current or former nonprofit clients for the grant. One recipient is selected annually based on cause affinity, need, and projected impact, by a committee of Idealist Consulting staff.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Recognized as “Best for Workers” by B Lab, several certification cycles running, Idealist Consulting is committed to fair, equitable compensation, generous benefits, flexible work schedules, and a supportive learning culture. Employee benefits are selected to support our diverse workforce with health plan options that provide affordable care for all ages, family configurations, gender identities, non-binary and transitioning individuals. Other benefits such as 401k matching, flex savings accounts, paid time off, and parental leave are further curated to ensure that employees and their families are cared for.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive work environment free from discrimination or harassment for all employees, contractors, and clients alike. Our speak-up culture nurtures an environment of reflection, conversation, and evolution. This learning posture is also essential to our success as consultants.

In Leadership

Our leadership team is currently made up of 75% women and 25% people of color. We believe that our carefully selected benefits, flexibility, and personalized annual engagement plans have aided in the development of one of the most diverse leadership teams in the Salesforce Partner space.

In Hiring Practices

Idealist Consulting is an equal opportunity employer. Idealist Consulting does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its consulting and employment policies, but may favor US citizens or residents for hiring.

Demographics are not collected during the hiring or recruitment process, and identifiers that may elicit implicit bias — such as names and photos — are removed during the vetting and interview cycle.

Ongoing Advocacy & Partnership

As members of the Salesforce ecosystem for over 15 years, we are all too aware of the systemic lack of diversity within the tech space. This is why we’ve actively partnered with Amplify on both the national and local chapter level. Amplify is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering underrepresented voices in technology, and those who support them, to be fearless leaders.

As established advocates for equity in the tech space, we’ve provided thought-leadership presentations on designing equitable employee benefits and engagement plans within the B Local community, Entrepreneurial Organization (EO), and more.

In Our Design Approach

We’re committed to accessibility as solution engineers, as event producers, and as creators of public digital materials like websites, landing pages, and guides. That means taking into consideration accessibility when choosing event venues, using simple language, and creating digital assets that take into consideration assistive technologies whenever possible.