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7 Nonprofit Dreamin’ Sessions to Attend

1.21.21 By: Idealist Consulting

Nonprofit Dreamin’ is a live online community event for nonprofit users of Salesforce that’s taking place January 28-29, 2021.

What will you find there? Really great content made for nonprofits about getting the most out of Salesforce. Expect tips, tricks, and information that you can take away and immediately implement in your org.

So all of the content should be great, but here’s a list of what we’re most excited for. And it’s not too late to register, so we hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 28

Engaging with Constituents via Unauthenticated Communities — 9:30am CST

Learn how the National Aquarium used guest user licenses, a Salesforce Community, and automation to build a guest reservation system.


Challenges for Solo Admins and How to Overcome Them — 10am CST

This session will cover common challenges solo admins face and how to overcome them.


How to Advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Ecosystem — 11:30am CST

Amplify will present the findings from their three DEI-focused surveys and review challenges to and opportunities for making the Salesforce ecosystem reflect the demographics of the communities we serve.


Salesforce’s New Grants Management Solution: Outbound Funds Module — 11:30am CST

There’s been a lot of talk about Salesforce’s new Outbound Funds Module. The panelists of this session will cover what the module entails and who can benefit from it.

Friday, January 29

Grass Roots Mobile Survey — The Free Offline/Online Mobile App for Nonprofits — 10am CST

This app currently in beta runs on Android phones, syncs data with Salesforce, and saves data when there’s no mobile phone service available. Definitely want to learn more about this one.


Custom Metadata Types, Nonprofits, and You — 10am CST

What do you do when you need to reference a specific value in your validation rule, process builder, or flow, but you know that hard coding in automation is against best practices? You’ll learn in this session.


7 Salesforce Data Fields You Need to Build Your Donor Base — 10:30am CST

Learn about seven key data fields you can use to leverage to build your donor base. This information might already be in your system!


How I Empowered My Users with Personalized, Skills-Based Training Pathways — 12pm CST

Lauren Weller will discuss how she motivates her end users to learn how to use Salesforce effectively and make the platform a success.

No matter what you want to do with Salesforce, it’s best to make a plan in advance and lay out what you and your users should expect from the change. It’s like we say in our guide: be prepared, not scared.


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