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Announcing the Idealist Consulting-Predictive Partnership

2.21.17 By: idealconsult

Idealist Consulting is excited to announce a new partnership with Predictive Response.

Idealist Consulting is a preferred partner of that has helped 800+ nonprofits and SMBs launch and expand their use of Salesforce since 2006.

“We’re excited about adding Predictive Response into our partner fold,” says Idealist Consulting Founder and CEO Rob Jordan. “This year is a big year for marketing automation and Predictive Response offers our clients a process driven marketing tool that’s not only native in Salesforce but also built around their use of Salesforce.”

“As one of Salesforce’s trusted Innovation Partners, Predictive is on the frontline of the new Lightning Experience,” said Seth Goddard, Predictive Response’s VP Business Development. “Teaming up with Idealist Consulting is a great way for us to share the knowledge we have to help Salesforce users get the most out of this new and very robust interface."

For more information about how nonprofits can leverage Predictive Response and Salesforce in combination, please reach out to us.

About Idealist Consulting

Idealist Consulting advances the missions of nonprofits and the social impact of the private sector. We provide you with advanced technical solutions that help you run more efficiently, from Salesforce consulting to marketing automation support. Idealist Consulting is recognized as one of the original Salesforce implementation partners and has been a top-rated consulting firm on the AppExchange for seven years running. Idealist Consulting is endorsed by Gartner for high-speed, low-risk Salesforce deployments.

About Predictive Response

Predictive Response is a robust and intuitive marketing automation tool, specifically made for Salesforce, built to design personalized, automated email campaigns in minutes. Nonprofits and businesses alike use Predictive’s powerful lead scoring capabilities to optimize campaigns, nurture prospects, and grow engagement.


Ready to see how Predictive Response can help your nonprofit or business use marketing automation to grow? We can help you visualize your path to making an impact. 

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