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Announcing the Mogli SMS + Idealist Consulting partnership

11.21.17 By: idealconsult

Idealist Consulting is excited to announce a new partnership with Mogli SMS, an intelligent text messaging, SMS survey and chatbot application on Salesforce.

Idealist Consulting is a preferred partner of that has helped 800+ nonprofits and SMBs launch and expand their use of Salesforce since 2006.

“Innovation in the Salesforce ecosystem is essential,” says Idealist Consulting Founder and CEO Rob Jordan. “That’s why we partnered with Mogli SMS. Progressive new apps like this are key to helping our clients keep their communication efforts relevant.”

“Mogli SMS was created for impact organizations to effectively and intelligently connect with stakeholders via text message. We are proud to partner with Idealist Consulting, a like-minded organization, and believe that, together, we can accelerate nonprofits and social ventures to do more of what matters,” said Stevan P. Simich, Founder and CEO of Mogli SMS.

For more information about how nonprofits can leverage Mogli SMS and Salesforce in combination, please reach out to us.


About Idealist Consulting

Idealist Consulting helps progressive organizations grow through technology. We are innovators, problem-solvers, and listeners who help you deepen your relationships through Salesforce, marketing automation, and custom application development. Founded by a Peace Corps volunteer in 2006 and headquartered on Portland’s historic Mississippi Avenue, we are proud supporters of our local community and a long-time B Corp using business as a force for good.


About Mogli SMS

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Mogli SMS is a native Salesforce text messaging app that can expand an organization’s global reach in real time at a fraction of the cost of paper surveys, calls and field visits.  The app was originally developed in 2012 by Mogli’s parent company, Tact L3C (a hybrid non-profit/for-profit), to help educate Kenyan farmers on how to protect their farms from corn crop disease.  Mogli SMS is an intelligent, robust, and easy-to-use application designed for SMS outreach, surveys, and chatbot.


Ready to see how text messaging can help your organization? Let us help you take your communications to the next level.


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