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The Best Sessions for Nonprofits at ParDreamin’

By: Christopher Bayerle

Do you work for a nonprofit? Are you using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot)? You should attend ParDreamin’, the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement-focused community event happening virtually from December 8-11!

While there won’t be a lot of nonprofit-specific content at ParDreamin’, there will be a ton of great content for anyone using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE). And you definitely won’t want to miss Idealist Consulting’s MCAE Solution Architect Kirsten Kippen presenting with Sheridan Marfil from World Food Program USA about using A/B tests to maximize impact on Thursday, December 10.

Here are some of the ParDreamin’ sessions Idealist Consulting’s MCAE experts think look promising for nonprofit attendees.


Deliverability vs. Mailability — Nightclub Guide for MCAE Marketers

What: Email deliverability is a universal challenge, or concern at the very least, for all marketers. Deliverability, however, can become mixed up with another measure: mailability.

When: Wednesday, December 9, 10:50 am ET / 7:50 am PT

Why: Deliverability and mailability 


11 Key Insights About the New MCAE Email Builder

Who: Jen Kazin

What: What is the new MCAE Email Builder? How does it work? Learn powerful and interesting tips that will give users a better experience!

When: Wednesday, December 9, 12:05 pm ET / 9:05 am PT


Getting Sophisticated with Scoring

Who:  Jessica Hope

What: Most companies Jessica Hope works with — especially early in their journey with MCAE — never go beyond the default scoring model. She’ll highlight the many ways to make scoring a more sophisticated process (and accurate metric) by discussing scoring categories, depreciation, and important watch-outs everybody needs to be aware of.

When: Wednesday, December 9, 12:05 pm ET / 9:05 am PT


Cool Handlebar Merge Language (HML) Tricks

Who: Bill Fetter

What: MCAE HML Isn't just for "Hi Bill / Hi Friend" subject lines. There are all kinds of applications when we use it as a form of yes/no logic. With HML, even the lowest levels of MCAE accounts have access to this limited form of dynamic content.

When: Wednesday, December 9, 12:40 pm ET / 9:40 am PT


Passing Drivers Ed: How to Avoid a Crash as a First-Time Admin

Who: Marcos Duran

What: This session will cover the fundamentals of being an admin. We will cover topics around data flows, security, system configurations, dealing with errors, and other high-level items within MCAE that every MCAE admin must be proactive about to ensure their organization is functioning as effectively as possible and why each of these topics matter. After you run this mini-audit in your organization, you will be able to at the very least identify a problem and solve some common ones.

When: Wednesday, December 9, 12:40 pm ET / 9:40 am PT


Always Be Testing: How Nonprofits Can Use Marketing Cloud Account Engagement to Increase Impact

Who: Kirsten Kippen and Sheridan Marfil

What: This session will cover at a high level some of the different types of testing you can do with assets across MCAE including some additional tools that can make it easier to identify if your landing pages are converting.

When: Thursday, December 10, 12:05 pm ET / 9:05 am PT


Level Up Challenge: The One with Landing Pages

Who: Marcos Duran

What: In this session, we will cover some tools and simple lines of code you can apply to your landing pages to help them stand out. Most of these tips require minimal to intermediate HTML/CSS experience but you should be able to apply some of these changes immediately after the conference!

When: Thursday, December 10, 12:40 pm ET / 9:40 am PT


MCAE Automation Rules to the Rescue

Who: Thimuth Amarakoon

What: MCAE provides most of the operations out of the box, but there are instances where we need to build processes in our own way to suit our needs. And as a MCAE admin, there are cases where you need to clean your data and manage prospects in bulk to maintain the quality of your Marketing Automation System.

When: Friday, December 11, 10:50 am ET / 7:50 am PT


Bet You Didn’t Think You Could Put That in an Email

Who: Jacob Filipp

What: This session will stimulate Marketers' creativity by showing unexpected things they could put into an email, including animated countdowns, dynamic images, pixel mosaics and more!

When: Friday, December 11, 12:40 pm ET / 9:40 am PT


The Future of Marketing Is Conversational: Using MCAE + Conversational Marketing to Engage with Buyers in Real Time

Who: Sean Whiteley

What: What if you could meet with high-intent visitors the moment they’re on your website and immediately engage them in a sales cycle? With the latest Conversational Marketing technology, having instant conversations with your buyers is easier than ever before.

When: Friday, December 11, 12:40 pm ET / 9:40 am PT

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