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Building community one HUB post at a time

7.17.13 By: Kirsten Kippen

We talk a lot about “accidental techies” here at Idealist Consulting – nonprofit peers who suddenly find themselves in the driver’s seat of their organization’s Salesforce database. Sound familiar? Maybe you have poked around on various online forums and struggled with finding trustworthy answers to your Salesforce questions.

If so, the Power of Us HUB  is for you!

The HUB is a new communities feature released July 15th by the Salesforce Foundation. It’s a one-stop shop to get your Salesforce questions answered and we think this could be a great avenue to build a nonprofit Salesforce community together. As a longtime Salesforce Foundation partner, we at Idealist Consulting were keen to check this out. 

Here is what we like: 

Easy access: You can use your existing Salesforce login – no need to remember new info. 

Logical group names: Want to learn about survey apps? Check out the “Communications and Outreach” group. Curious about fundraising tools? There’s a “Fundraising” group. You get the idea.

Organized in a friendly way: Groups let you see specific conversations you care about. You can post a question within seconds of logging in. Better yet, you can notify others about informative posts for your org by mentioning them through @username.

The experts and newbies are both there: There are a lot of conversations already and users like you will make it even better. It doesn’t matter how silly, someone else will undoubtedly have the same question.

Find your local in-person Salesforce nonprofit user group: Local community can be even nicer sometimes. 

Check it out  – we hope to talk to you there! 

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