Can your marketing team handle marketing automation?

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By: Kirsten Kippen | 5.23.17

Marketers, there has never been a more exciting time to be you.

Marketing budgets are growing for the average small business and nonprofit. With more support from leadership and the ever-growing trend of inbound marketing, your department plays one of the biggest roles in your organization.

But your audience is changing too. Prospects expect your messaging to be on-par with Amazon-like personalization. And their willingness to report you as spam if you’re off message is growing.

You know you need strong tools to centralize and grow your marketing efforts, but evaluating is a beast. There are over 5000 marketing technology companies on the market today and even with a demo or a free trial, it can be difficult to determine which solution best fits your needs.

Take a deep breath; we’re here to help you sort out your marketing automation options

In our latest whitepaper we’re covering 4 of the leading marketing automation platforms that have the best integrations with Salesforce. Take our quiz “Is your organization ready for Marketing Automation?” and test your readiness.

After you’ve taken the quiz here are our recommendations for further research based on your result:

If you got “You should wait”... we recommend taking a look at your journey to a marketing automation platform with this infographic “Mass Email to Marketing Automation: A Roadmap”.Once you’ve looked at the roadmap, take a deeper dive into your mass email or marketing automation lite options in our Mass Email Comparison Report.

If you got “You should go for it!”... we think you’d get a strong sense of your options with our Marketing Automation Comparison Report. Once you're ready to move forward with looking at a scope of work and estimate, let us know


Marketing Automation is the quickly becoming the foundation of a marketer's strategy. If you're ready to look at your options and how they sync with Salesforce, download our report.

Download the Report




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