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Dreamforce 2023 Roundup: Our Top 5 Insights for Nonprofits

By: Idealist Consulting

In a rapidly evolving world, nonprofits are facing unique challenges and opportunities, and the use of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly relevant in these efforts. The recent presentations at Dreamforce, Salesforce's annual flagship event, shed light on crucial insights that nonprofits can consider as they navigate this ever-changing landscape. In this post, we’ll highlight our team’s top five takeaways from these presentations, along with how Salesforce's new product, Nonprofit Cloud, plays an exciting role. 

If you’d like to dive deeper into Nonprofit Cloud functionality, including comparing this offering with Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), be sure to save the date for Adventure Webinar: Get to Know the New Nonprofit Cloud on October 26th, where you’ll be able to choose your own path through three simultaneous webinar rooms, covering every facet of Nonprofit Cloud with Salesforce experts. You’ll be hearing from us next week with registration details. Until then, read on for our top Dreamforce insights!

1. The Potential Impact of AI in Nonprofit Work

One of the central themes we heard at Dreamforce is the acknowledgment of the importance of innovation, technology, and AI in nonprofit work. When available and integrated thoughtfully, these tools can be instrumental in helping organizations achieve fundraising goals, improve operational efficiency, and enhance mission-related services. As AI tools are still quite new, it will take some time until training, change management processes, and specific use cases are ready for full adoption in the nonprofit space. We’re staying closely tuned in to these developments - join our monthly newsletter to follow along!

2. The Shift Towards Data-Driven Fundraising

The art and science of fundraising is evolving, with technology, AI, and data analytics taking center stage. Nonprofits are now using these tools to have the right conversations with donors at the right times, empowering fundraisers to achieve their goals. Nonprofit Cloud's data management and analytics features provide nonprofits with the tools they need to navigate this shift seamlessly and make data-driven decisions to drive their fundraising efforts. As AI tools become more available, it will be even more critical to ensure the data integrity of your database, as inaccurate datasets can lead to unreliable predictions when using AI.

3. Ethical Considerations in AI

Ethical considerations are paramount when adopting AI and technology in nonprofits, and this point was emphasized throughout sessions at Dreamforce this year. This includes addressing biases in generated content, protecting data privacy, and maintaining authenticity in mission-driven efforts. Security and privacy were also highlighted as top priorities to safeguard sensitive information. Salesforce is actively addressing these issues with features like Einstein for Nonprofit Cloud, which focuses on personalized gift proposals while ensuring the ethical use of AI capabilities.

4. Change Management and Perception of Technology

Successful AI implementation hinges on change management processes, bridging the gap between technology and the staff using it. In many presentations, nonprofits were encouraged to view technology as a tool to enhance their fundraising efforts rather than as a threat to jobs. Dreamforce presentations showed how the Nonprofit Cloud offering is designed with user-friendly interfaces and training resources to facilitate ease of use AI-powered functionality.

Check out our Nonprofit Cloud resources page to learn more about Nonprofit Cloud’s capabilities for nonprofits!

5. Community Engagement and Collaboration

Collaboration and engagement within the nonprofit community were emphasized throughout Dreamforce, coming from presentations by many thought leaders in the nonprofit space. Organizations were also encouraged to explore AI and data strategies, share feedback, and work together to tackle challenges. The role of advisory resources and bringing in diverse perspectives were specifically highlighted as crucial in driving innovation and implementing responsible AI. Throughout Dreamforce, several hands-on workshops were offered for attendees to deepen their understanding of Nonprofit Cloud, as well as keynotes and other sessions developed specifically for the nonprofit audience, providing great opportunities for the community to learn together.


Salesforce's commitment to the nonprofit sector, as evident in the Nonprofit Cloud offering and the presence of nonprofit community speakers at Dreamforce, showcases their dedication to empowering nonprofits with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly digital and data-driven world.

For our team, Dreamforce has provided invaluable insights into the new Nonprofit Cloud offering and the potential for AI use in the nonprofit sector. We’re excited about the use of responsible AI to increase operational efficiency, engage donors, and further nonprofit missions. With Nonprofit Cloud, organizations are offered a comprehensive solution to empower their journey towards positive social impact. As the sector continues to evolve, staying curious and exploring the possibilities offered by Salesforce will be crucial for nonprofits of all sizes. Stay up to date on all things Salesforce for nonprofits by signing up for our monthly newsletter below!

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