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Everything You Need to Know About the Salesforce Summer 2022 Release Notes

5.19.22 By: Dar Veverka

Last month, Salesforce released the Summer 2022 Release Notes, a compilation of their latest feature releases and optimizations. Our consultants sat down to discuss them in detail - check out the upcoming capabilities we’re most excited about:

1. Custom Address Fields (Beta)

You can now populate a custom address field manually, or use the Google lookup to search for an address on custom & standard objects, achieving greater accuracy in address data. With this update, you can also access addresses stored in custom address fields, either as structured compound data types or as individual address components (note that you need to have State & Country picklists enabled to use this). 

2. DevOps Center - Public Beta

The long-awaited replacement for change sets goes public beta in summer 2022. This one isn’t in the Release Notes yet, but watch for it. Check out the Trailblazer group where you can check out FAQs, demos, and features.

3. Inline Report Editing (Edit Multiple Fields)

With Summer ‘22, this feature becomes much more user-friendly. You can now edit multiple fields instead of just updating one field at a time. 

4. New Report Type Selector

With the new Report Type Selector, you can see which related objects and fields are included when you begin making a new report. This update will minimize the occurrence of duplicate report types, as well as make it easier to locate the type of report that you’re looking for.

5. Dynamic Related Lists

Salesforce expands on their updates to Lightning Pages and continues to move away from Classic page layouts with this new feature that will allow you to filter for the specific object you’d like to display records for, choose which record to use to locate reports, add a custom label to the list, and set the maximum number of records you’d like to display. This update will allow for easy and efficient searching as you’ll also be able to add fields in the builder and select a sort field and order (you can still apply Component Visibility to only display results for certain profiles). Approach with caution though, critical pieces like the handy View All link are missing in this iteration of the feature. 

6. Share a single campaign in Lightning

No more dropping to Classic to do this one. We finally have a button for this in Lightning. It’s a small change but a useful one. Cue the confetti!

7. Flow

Flow is leading the way in Salesforce automation. There are many exciting new updates with this release:

  • Flows in Object Manager: Triggered flows will now display in a menu within the Object Manager, making for more seamless management with all object configurations housed in one central place.
  • Flow Actions for Service Cloud and Omni-Channel: With this feature, you can now use the following actions if you’re using Service Cloud or Omni-Channel: Check Availability for Routing, Fetch Case Classifications, and Create Article Recommendations.
  • New Flow Templates: The new templates are designed to cover more commonplace scenarios like changing owner types and closing change requests.
  • Flow tests: This update will be a huge time saver for running debugging tests.
  • Formulas for Record-Triggered Flows: Record-triggered flows can now be enabled using a formula condition. You’ll now be able to use additional formulas from workflow rules as entry criteria.

8. Enhanced Einstein Bots

This feature allows you to choose a standard or “enhanced” bot. The new enhanced bot includes the ability to: send a file, preview the output as plain text, and route via omni-channel. With this release, the builder layout has also been updated to include a component library to assist you in creating a bot.

9. Experience Cloud Refresh Page Component

This is a simple update, providing the ability to refresh the page once every 30 seconds within the Experience Builder. 


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