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Getting plugged into the Hub

By: David Rosenstock

An online community for users, the Power of Us Hub (a.k.a. the Hub) is a valuable resource for anybody looking to expand their Salesforce knowledge. More than just a chat forum, the Hub helps you probe for answers to questions, network with other Salesforce users, and improve you knowledge base. Its many functions can be boiled down to four main approaches to the user experience.

  • Learn: Do you have a burning question about Salesforce? Don’t let it go unanswered. The Hub is the perfect venue for voicing any Salesforce-related issues or questions you have.

  • Build: Want to improve your Salesforce skills? There’s tons of content and help waiting in this community.

  • Share: One of the best ways to contribute as a user is to share your knowledge. Communicate your hard-won Salesforce wisdom to novices and grow professionally in the process.

  • Connect: Don’t silo yourself in Salesforce administration tasks. Engage with a whole host of users to discuss a wide array of topics.

Getting started on the Hub is much like any other social network user experience:

First, you have to create a profile on your Chatter overview page. Chatter is the name of a powerful Salesforce product that facilitates collaboration. Anybody logged into the Power of Us Hub can view your Chatter page. Make sure to upload a picture and write a blurb about yourself so other users can get to know you.

Second, review your privacy settings. You can control who can see your contact information on your Chatter page.

Third, check your email settings in case you want to change the types or frequency of notifications you receive. You’re all set to start posting and following others!

Here are a few tips asking questions in the Hub:

  • To ask a question, click on the homepage and type your question in the “Ask the community” box. If something along the lines of your question has been asked before, a list of similar conversations will appear in the dropdown.

  • Make sure to include the product version you are using in your questions.

  • To broadcast your question to experts and community members, explore and join specific groups you’d like your questions directed to.

  • Once you receive answers to your questions, select the best answer. By selecting the best answer, you will help others find that answer when they ask a similar question.

  • To find articles and other published content, search the knowledge base by clicking on the knowledge link or using the global search tool at the top of the page

  • Follow knowledgeable people and helpful groups, so their posts will get pushed to you in your Chatter feed; an answer or interesting conversation might appear in your feed before you knew you needed it!

For a walk-thru of the Hub and its many features, check out this brief video from Salesforce. If you’d like nonprofit-specific training, check out this post on where to look. For more general resources, click below to go to another blog that gathers the top resources for all Salesforce users.


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