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Gifts for Good Guide 2017

11.30.17 By: Jacqueline Fassett

Last year, 60 percent of all online sales during Thanksgiving weekend went to just 10 giant retailers. None of those 10 have a social mission.

This year we want to help change this. As a B Corporation ourselves, we think a lot about social missions and impact, and we believe every company has an ethical responsibility to step up and think progressively about how to improve the world. But you can also make an impact as a consumer.

This year, our annual list of “gifts for good” all come from fellow B Corporations. Every purchase goes towards a company that’s not just committed to doing good- they’re certified in it. A purchase from any one of these companies supports a range of causes from animal welfare to environmental protection to safer chemical regulations.

Take a scroll and see all our recommended B Corporations to help you find the perfect gifts for good.


Nisolo, shoe producer

For the well-dressed

Handcrafted shoe producer Nisolo wants to push the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction. They believe style should be affordable but not at the price of the workers behind the product. They offer beyond fair trade wages, healthcare, and a healthy working environment. Before purchasing the perfect shoe or accessory for your favorite fashion lover, you should check out their impact report to see just how you’ll be giving back with your purchase.


BeautyCounter, beauty products

For the makeup artist

Did you know the U.S. has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938? With this in mind, BeautyCounter founder Gregg Renfrew began with the mission to offer safer beauty products, for everyone, without using over 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals. Ranging from makeup and hair care to sun protection and men’s shaving kits, their line of skin care and beauty products has something for everyone.


fishpond, fishing products

For the fishing enthusiast

Fishpond has its roots firmly planted in the core fishing market. Fishpond is headquartered under the peaks of the Colorado Rockies, which provides the perfect testing ground for their product. Big into conservation efforts and the belief that we can all do something, fishpond offers a line of products made from recycled commercial fishing nets, an industry first.


The Zen of Slow Cooking, spice company

For the chef

Meg Barnhart wanted to create a business that could employ adults with learning challenges, like her son, Doug. So in 2012, she launched  The Zen of Slow Cooking with her co-founder Jane McKay. Each time you purchase one of their slow cooker spice blends they make a donation on your behalf to the Drishti Donation, which helps address the employment gap for adults with a developmental disability.


Stash Tea, tea producer

For the tea guru

Stash Tea is one of the largest specialty tea companies in the United States. Committed to conserving our environment and supporting our local and global communities, they do business with tea gardens that treat their workers honestly and fairly. Every aspect of their packaging and shipping have been thought through for the good of the earth, including using tea boxes that are 100% recyclable and contain no packaging overwrap. Additionally, their teas are 100 percent natural and USDA and QAI certified organic. Need a great mug to put that new tea in? Try a Miir tumbler - at 6 and 8 ounces, they’re the perfect size for either a strong jolt of tea or coffee or even a picnic cocktail.


The Refill Shoppe, bath and body products

For the bath junkie

Know someone who loves bath and body products? The Refill Shoppe is the perfect place to find custom-scented bath, body, and home products while cutting back on plastic creation. To help consumers cut back on plastic, The Refill Shoppe uses only refillable jars, bottles, and pouches. Yep, you read that right. Refillable pouches- you just mail the pouch back to them and they’ll sanitize and reuse for the next bath junkie. Or if you’re close to their Ventura, California store you can just bring in your own container.


Better World Books, book seller

For the bookworm

Better World Books uses the power of books to change the world. They collect and resell books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide through their grant program. With more than 8 million new and used titles in stock, they also donate books and offer book drop boxes to help others donate. With a wide range of titles, this is one bookstore that has gifts for every reader.


Chopwood Mercantile, Patagonia affiliate

For the outdoor lover

While you can certainly purchase a wide range of outdoor products from Patagonia, one of the most well known B Corporations, known for their sturdy fair-trade certified outdoor products that are always repairable or returnable, you can also help another B Corporation, Chopwood Mercantile. Chopwood is a B-Corp Certified Outdoor Shop in Crested Butte that provides unique gear and guidance to foster experiences in wild places. They were founded on the idea that they don’t have to carry everything, just the good stuff. If you’re looking for just that, we highly recommend checking out their online shop.


Bixbee, backpack producer

For the student

Looking for a gift for an elementary school-aged child? With Bixbee you not only can you give a child an adorable backpack but you can also provide one for a child in need around the world. With each backpack purchase, they donate a bright yellow backpack full of school supplies to school-aged children in need around the globe. Why yellow? Many children in poverty around the world walk to school. Yellow is an international symbol of caution for motorists to slow down and yield. Practical and adorable.


Bureo, skateboard maker

For the skater


Bureo and Comet Skateboards take a unique approach when it comes to their skateboards. Bureo’s skateboards bridge the gap between skateboarding and surfing. Made from recycled fishing nets, their skateboards use a patented technology allowing the rider to “pump” the skateboard in the same way you would a surfboard. Comet Skateboards take a more traditional artistic approach, using trees they’ve helped to grow in their boards. Plus, all their boards are handmade and screen printed using wood glue and inks they’ve engineered to be safe for the environment and people creating the boards.


Westpaw, pet toys

For the best friend

Don’t forget about your (furry) best friend! We’ve lined up three must-have products for your furball that support animal welfare. Westpaw produces durable dog toys and pet beds with eco-friendly materials. Found my animal makes handcrafted nautical-inspired dog leashes and collars plus a few online exclusive accessories. Farm Dog Naturals creates GMO-free, cruelty-free, and 100% plant-based pet products, such as carpet cleaner and itch relief salve.


Looking for more gifts for good?

DoneGood makes it easy for people to find gifts and support brands that make the world better. Through their website, you can browse a wide range of items available online from mission-driven businesses. DoneGood has also created a day in response to the consumer-driven Black Friday called Shop for Good Sunday, whose website lists more brands doing good.


You can also find a range of gifts for good in our 2016 Gifts for Good guide. Check out the list of 24 gifts that make an impact below.


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