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Harness the Power of Your Data with Data Lake for Nonprofit Cloud

8.3.22 By: Althea Arnold

With disruptive events increasing in our world, organizations that proactively position themselves to respond swiftly will drive the most impact. With so many technology solutions available, it can be difficult to prioritize. A common missed opportunity is not organizing and leveraging incoming data when making strategic decisions. If an organization is lacking a cohesive data strategy, or their CRM isn’t fully functional, a powerful tool is left unutilized.

What is Data Lake for Nonprofit Cloud?

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Data Lake for Nonprofit Cloud integrates Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack with AWS Data Lake and analytics platforms like Tableau to create a more visual and cohesive data analytics experience. By simplifying your data operations into a unified strategy, you’ll be better positioned to communicate findings and make informed decisions.

As an open-source offering through Salesforce, Data Lake will be influenced by the nonprofit community continuously over time, allowing for evolution and enhancement to meet the needs of the community. The tool will be published by Salesforce and AWS on GitHub for nonprofits and partners, and will become generally available to Salesforce users this winter. 

With a highly customizable system, nonprofits will be able to manipulate the tool to fit their mission’s needs. With no coding required, anyone can set up Data Lake and immediately see a synchronized view of their fundraising, marketing, and program data in one visual dashboard. This provides a real-time look into what’s working and what isn’t.

The key to actionable insights

Nonprofits work on the front lines, and it’s imperative that they pivot and respond quickly when the next crisis or challenge arises. If an organization is struggling with siloed data or doesn’t have an in-house resource to navigate their data systems, they’ll be working at a disadvantage in responding to unexpected events or constituents’ urgent needs. 

With high-functioning digital systems in place, nonprofits have access to huge amounts of data regarding their impact, fundraising, and constituent information. The key is to consolidate and organize that data in a usable system that works for every team, allowing organizations to make data-driven decisions, create fundraising strategies, and better serve their communities.

How can nonprofits benefit from data consolidation?

In addition to having one intuitive database where any staff member can access the data they need and trust that it’s complete and accurate, using a data visualization tool like Data Lake for Nonprofit Cloud can benefit nonprofits in the following ways:

  • Identify fundraising prospects
  • Adopt more effective fundraising methods
  • Approach favorable target markets
  • Improve membership recruitment efforts by identifying effective lead generation sources
  • Discover the best times for membership renewals

Using Data Lake, nonprofits can harness the power of their data in an easy-to-digest, visual way that produces value and impact for the mission.


Mobilizing the power of data using Data Lake for Nonprofit Cloud gives organizations the tools they need to make empowered decisions for the organization, its constituents, and the mission itself. If you’re ready to consolidate your database and leverage the full potential of your data, get in touch with our consultants and transform your CRM.

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