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Help! Three Major Sources for Salesforce Support

By: David Rosenstock

When it comes to Salesforce, everybody has moments of confusion. Anything new and unfamiliar comes with a degree of anxiety and self-doubt. The first step to getting the Salesforce help you need is admitting you have a problem. But don’t worry, you’re not alone!

We’ve published other lists of the top Salesforce resources, but if you need ongoing support, it may be time to call in the big guns. Trailheads, Premier Support Plans, and Consultant Support all provide different aspects you might be looking for. Read more to determine which one or ones best addresses your needs.

1. Trailheads

The best way to address a lack of Salesforce expertise is to boldly step into the unknown and learn! Education is a great way to invest in your institutional knowledge and improve your comfort level with Salesforce. Trailheads were created to do just that. With fun and interactive learning tools, Trailheads are free and informative for all levels of Salesforce users, from first-timers to experienced programmers. In addition to the ‘Trails,’ a game-based learning environment that lets you earn badges for accomplishments, there are a variety of educational modules to choose from that test your hard-earned skills.

While Trailheads can’t debug your system or walk you through an implementation, the confidence you’ll earn by learning more about the world of Salesforce will go a long ways towards dispelling notions of technology intimidation.


2. Premier Support Plans (Success Plans)

Depending on the size of your organization and which Salesforce platform you’re using, there are a number of support options available, ranging from tech support to configuration support, to training or developer support. While there are too many variations to detail all of them, here are some of the more common support features:

    • Self-help library: gain access to a wealth of Salesforce knowledge through articles and community resources
    • Online support: use the online case submission and receive a rapid response
    • 24/7 customer support: receive toll-free phone support

This type of support doesn’t necessarily re-work your instance, but can help you make the most of what you’ve already invested in Salesforce.


3. Vendor/Consultant Support

While we recommend utilizing all the resources available, there’s nothing wrong with seeking hands-on help from an expert. Sometimes you need the wisdom and level of engagement only a Salesforce consultant can provide.

Salesforce is a lot like assembling Ikea furniture; it can be deceptively hard. While it’s within the realm of possibility to implement Salesforce yourself, when you get into custom objects, syncing additional solutions, and building custom workflows, the hurdles you face begin to multiply, and you might end up doing more harm than good. Upgrades and customizations can be as challenging as an implementation, and if performed by a rookie, they can sometimes result in database disarray and downtime.


For many organizations, technology issues are only addressed when there’s a system or process failure. These fire drills can be avoided by knowing what to look for in your day-to-day operations.

Here are some telltale signs that you could benefit from additional support:

  • You’re using Salesforce as a rolodex

  • You have a lot of data but struggle to organize it

  • You need to upgrade but don’t know why or how

  • You have additional app solutions but no one uses them

  • Your numbers aren’t adding up

  • Your Salesforce admin has moved on and left behind illegible configurations

  • Your automated functions are either limited or behaving erratically.

Regardless of the path you take to enhance your organization’s Salesforce experience, know that there’s help at every turn. Successful companies and organizations know when to accept help, and often use a combination, if not all three of these resources. Take that first step, and let’s talk about how we can offer support.


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