Idealist Consulting’s Top Blog Posts of 2020

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By: Luis Sevilla | 12.31.20

While 2020 did not meet anyone’s expectations, our blog's goal stayed the same: to post helpful and relevant information about Salesforce, marketing automation, and tech for nonprofits and progressive businesses. 

To wrap up this historic year, I rounded up the five most-read blog posts from this year and the five most-read blog posts we published in 2020. We hope you enjoyed what we published this year and look forward to bringing you more useful content in 2021!

The 5 Blog Posts You Read the Most in 2020

  1. How to create List Views in Salesforce Lightning: It’s not surprising that our most-read blog is about creating List Views — they’re great! If you haven’t started using List Views, I would definitely recommend getting started.
  2. Pardot 101: Email preference page: This year, email grew as a crucial means of communication for organizations, and a part of sending efficient emails is ensuring your organizational email preference page is efficient as well. It is no wonder why our second most popular blog this year is about Pardot’s email preference page.
  3. 6 Stunning Examples of Custom Salesforce Design: One of the great things about Salesforce is how customizable it is, and this top post has some great examples of bold, beautiful Salesforce design.
  4. Pardot 101: The Pardot Specialist certification exam: It’s always a great time to start working towards a Salesforce certification, and if your goal is to get the Pardot Specialist certification, our blog is a great resource. It helped with getting mine earlier this year!
  5. Our Campaign Influence Setup Guide: Salesforce and Pardot are moving closer every year, and our fifth most-read post about setting up Campaign Influence tells that story.

The 5 Most Read Blog Posts Published in 2020

  1. The Salesforce Spring ‘20 Release Features We’re Excited About: There were lots of great new features in the Spring ‘20 release, and our Salesforce experts weighed in on which were their favorites. 
  2. Making the Most of Pardot: The Importance of Campaign Hierarchy: Learning how to use Campaigns is a must if you're using Pardot, and working on your campaign hierarchy is a great start! 
  3. 3 Ways to Personalize Your Marketing in Pardot: Most marketers know that personalizing your marketing has a huge impact on your organizational goals. In this post, our Pardot Solution Architect gives three ways to personalize marketing in Pardot.
  4. The Big Move: What You Need to Know About Data Migration for Salesforce: Migrating data into Salesforce is the most labor-intensive part of implementing Salesforce. It’s no surprise readers reference this blog for important tips about data migration.
  5. Heroku versus Mulesoft — When to Use Each and When to Use Both: As your organizational tech stack grows, you might start looking into how you can sync and integrate data between different systems. If you're using Salesforce, this blog post is a great place to start your research.

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