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Inside Our Values: Nurture Community

By: idealconsult

As individuals, we intrinsically understand the value of our friends, family, neighbors- our community- as so much more than names on a list. But in a business engagement, it is sometimes easy to forget that each person also brings with them their own unique network of relationships and influences. We strive to help coworkers and clients alike have a direct impact on their communities because we know it will make all of us stronger.


What Nurturing Community means to us

When we developed our company values earlier this year, we committed to each other that we would find ways to live these values on a regular basis. Here are some of the ways we actively nurture community at Idealist Consulting.

We are active Mississippi Ave. Business Association members and participate in everything from the Street Fair to Halloween trick-or-treating events.

We believe in participating in local causes and social impact events such as Giving Tuesday.

We are active participants in the Portland B Corporation community and help host the annual BLD Seminar as well as other local events.

We are members of the Technology Association of Oregon and the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) of Portland. We regularly host and sponsor events with both local organizations.

We host the Portland-area Pardot and Nonprofit Salesforce user group meetings and the only Dreamforce party that’s about real-life engagement rather than leads (no one’s scanning your badge at the door).

We take our work family as seriously as our real family, which is to say, both are essential to our success. We know that behind every Idealist is the people who support them and their vision - for us it’s our families, partners, kids (and fur-babies).

We play kickball in the summer and bowl together in the winter.  

We sponsor volunteer time off (VTO).


What our commitment to Nurturing Community means to you

As an impact-driven organization, your Idealist Consulting team understands the value of each person in your network as more than just a lead or contact. Communities are the network of relationships we track and invest in.

We believe data and CRM can be at the heart of how you think about your organization’s community: a thoughtfully designed CRM is a way of digitally tracking those individuals, networks, and communities you are invested in. This is why we don’t just build CRMs, we build relationships.

By nurturing our communities we can move the needle from Return on Investment to Return on Impact. You can’t do this alone, and neither can we!


We’d love to hear what “Nurture Community” means to you and your organization. Comment below to tell us your thoughts.


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