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Watch Adventure Webinar: Get to Know the New Nonprofit Cloud, Now On-Demand

By: Idealist Consulting

On October 26th, we partnered with Salesforce for Adventure Webinar: Get to Know the New Nonprofit Cloud, a unique webinar format that took participants on a journey through the dynamic landscape of Salesforce's new product, Nonprofit Cloud. Although the live event has concluded, you can still catch all the insightful content by clicking the button below to access the recorded sessions!

In Room 1, attendees experienced a thorough exploration of Nonprofit Cloud, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities. The session demystified industry common components, defined person accounts, and delved into the intricate data model that forms the backbone of this innovative platform. It was a unique opportunity to uncover the future possibilities that Nonprofit Cloud holds for organizations committed to making a positive impact.

Room 2 offered a valuable Comparative Analysis between Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Nonprofit Cloud. The impartial comparison equipped participants with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their organization's future, ensuring they can navigate the distinct features of each solution effectively.

Room 3 was dedicated to exploring innovations in fundraising with Salesforce. As the fundraising landscape undergoes transformation, Salesforce continues to lead with innovative solutions. The session delved into the latest advancements in fundraising capabilities, including exclusive features set to launch in Nonprofit Cloud in October 2023. Participants gained insights into strategies that promise to elevate their fundraising efforts with these new capabilities.

Throughout the webinar, key questions were addressed, such as whether Nonprofit Cloud is the right solution for organizations, how it can be leveraged for fundraising success, and what sets it apart from NPSP. Don't miss out on the opportunity to catch up on these sessions with product experts by accessing the recorded sessions below.

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