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We’ve Got Your Back: How Managed Services Support Your Mission

By: Idealist Consulting

Announcing Idealist Consulting’s new and improved Managed Services offerings! Does your team need a little extra support prioritizing and planning projects? Is your internal admin on parental leave? Do you have a vision, but need help making it happen?

We’ve designed three support levels to empower nonprofit organizations like yours to optimize and expand their digital solutions. At Idealist Consulting, we have been supporting nonprofit missions with Salesforce technology for nearly 20 years, and we are committed to future-proofing your organization for continued success.

Why partner with us?

When it comes to managing your digital infrastructure, partnering with an expert is key. Our team of Salesforce consultants has deep knowledge of the nonprofit space, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that address your specific needs.

With nearly two decades of experience in empowering nonprofits, our team understands the unique challenges you face. We have extensive expertise in leveraging Salesforce technology to streamline operations and maximize your impact. Our comprehensive support offerings cover a wide range of needs, providing administrative assistance, strategic planning, and day-to-day CRM management. 

By partnering with us, you gain access to a dedicated team of skilled Salesforce platform experts who are ready to troubleshoot issues, offer guidance, and support your Salesforce instance.

Support for every mission

We're excited to offer three comprehensive Managed Services packages to cater to your organization's specific requirements. Each package is designed to ensure seamless operation and continuous improvement of your digital system. 

Idealist Scout:

Idealist Scout is our on-call administrative support service that encourages user adoption and provides troubleshooting assistance for your existing Salesforce instance. This package includes:

  • Expert guidance and troubleshooting for organizations with an established internal admin or team.
  • Access to a team of skilled Salesforce platform experts.
  • Assistance troubleshooting issues and tackling support requests.

Idealist Guide:

Idealist Guide is a strategic partnership offering aimed at optimizing and expanding your digital solutions. This package includes:

  • Strategic guidance and execution of initiatives in collaboration with your team.
  • Expert guidance for optimizations, integrations, and post-implementation support.
  • Access to an extended team of experts and specialists to fit your ongoing or changing needs.

Idealist Assist:

Idealist Assist provides you with a dedicated resource embedded in your organization to manage your CRM's day-to-day operations and forward-looking optimization. This package includes:

  • Dedicated interim Salesforce admin embedded in your organization.
  • Expert execution of assigned tasks and initiatives.
  • Coverage for your team's staffing gaps, including parental leave, leaves of absence, and staff transitions.

We're here to help you choose the package that best suits your organization's needs so you can focus on driving your mission forward. To see these options in more detail, or to get in touch with us to discuss your needs, check out our Managed Services page.

Which offering is right for your organization?

We are excited to partner with you and help you unlock the full potential of your digital system. To learn more about our Managed Services offerings and discuss your specific requirements, click the button below to contact our team! Let us streamline your efforts and amplify your impact together.


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