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What apps do you need for moves management?

By: Jacqueline Fassett

Is your organization looking to use Salesforce to become a moves management machine? Many of the organizations we’ve spoken to this year say moves management is a top strategy of choice. For those who don’t know, moves management is a popular donor relationship strategy that helps move smaller donors into larger advocates for your cause through a cycle of stages.

Nearly every nonprofit has fundraising at the base of its growth strategy, along with improving donor engagement. Moves management can be a transformational way to make strategy into actionable steps. Start by mapping out your donor levels, then consider how to make this reality through your technology suite.

Salesforce and the 61 nonprofit specific apps available on the AppExchange can offer a lot of tools to help. You can run reports on donors, know where they are in your moves management pipeline, and track your engagement strategies. But with so many options, finding the right combination can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re going to help you navigate moves management and the Salesforce AppExchange, step by step. Here are our recommended suite of moves management apps:


1. For the Identify stage

Suggested app: a form solution like Fast Forms
In this first step you’re finding a list of promising donors. What better way to do this than to look at who has donated, offered to volunteer, or signed up for your email newsletter on your website? Start by pulling a list of prospective contacts and sorting by characteristics that suggest they’d be interested in contributing more to your organization, like volunteer sign ups and recent donations.


2. For the Qualify stage

Suggested app: a wealth screening tool like Wealth Engine
The second step of moves management helps you sort out who is a good prospect for a larger contribution to your organization. By using a wealth screening app you can investigate what donors have the most potential for being larger contributors to your organization’s current and future campaigns.


3. For the Cultivate stage

Suggested app: Engagement Plans within Nonprofit Success Pack
In September 2016 Salesforce introduced Engagement Plans to NPSP to help organizations track and scale their donor engagements. Essentially, they built out a way to track the “moves” in your “moves management” plan. By pre-scheduling tasks like “have board member reach out” or “invite on a facility tour”, your development staff can manage and track all your efforts in this crucial step of moves management. Learn more about how to use Engagement Plans in this article.


4. For the Solicit & Negotiate stage

Sorry, there’s no app for that
While you or your staff will have to make that ask in person, you can find a plethora of resources online to help you navigate the ask and discussion of terms. Great tips and tricks can be found on many Salesforce partners’ blogs. Here are a few great articles:

MobileCause’s How to Ask for Donations: The Definitive Guide
DonorDrive’s You’ve scheduled a meeting with a major what?


5. For the Advocate (or Stewardship) stage

Suggested app: a mass email or marketing automation solution like Predictive Response
You’ve secured your donation, now what? Say thank you and keep in touch! If you’re using a mass email tool to communicate with donors then you’re set up to send out a thank you. Create a template to thank donors and another one to follow up a few months later with them on how their donation made a difference. Don’t forget to add them to your regular newsletter list so they can stay in the know! To really supercharge your mass email, merge a “next ask amount” field directly into your emails (learn how in this May 18th webinar).


With a suite of apps, partners, and so many features built into Salesforce, your organization can swiftly turn into a fundraising machine. Take a look at your strategy and see what you can add into your app suite to get started with a moves management strategy.


Want to learn more about how moves management could work for you?

We put together a bundle of our 5 top resources for a moves management strategy. Click the link below to learn more about Salesforce apps and moves management below.


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