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Why World Food Program’s Nobel Peace Prize Is an Inspiration to Us All

10.13.20 By: Idealist Consulting

You can’t help but be inspired by the work of an organization like the United Nations World Food Program. This international humanitarian organization has worked tirelessly since 1961 to improve nutrition and deliver emergency food assistance for people all over the world. Every year, they touch the lives of millions of people.

That’s why Idealist Consulting has been so proud to support the World Food Program USA this past year as they worked to implement Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (powered by Pardot) for fundraising and communications.

We were overjoyed when we learned the World Food Program won the Nobel Peace Prize last week. Their work deserves to be celebrated, and theirs is a mission everyone can support. We know from firsthand experience how dedicated and hard working the staff at the World Food Program USA is.

The organization’s work is more important than ever as the number of people living in or at the brink of starvation has dramatically increased this year because of conflict and the coronavirus pandemic. According to The Economist, the World Food Program says it “would need to raise $6.8bn to avert impending famine caused by the coronavirus crisis. So far the WFP ... has raised $1.6bn.” World Food Program USA’s focus on digital transformation to support fundraising this year couldn’t have come a more critical time.

Idealist Consulting CEO Rob Jordan had this to say about the organization’s accomplishments: “At a time when it’s absolutely imperative that every individual protect their own health and mental wellness during a global pandemic, World Food Program’s mission and work these past eight months remind us that we must also look beyond ourselves to support the wellbeing of other people in our communities, both locally and globally.”

And as The New York Times notes, in helping to alleviate hunger, the Nobel Peace Prize recognizes the World Food Program has “laid the foundations for peace in nations ravaged by war”.

We’re honored to work as a Salesforce solution partner with World Food Program USA to advance their mission and their service to the world.


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