Fairway Payments

The Objective

Fairway Payments helps customers facilitate smooth online payments by providing customized electronic payment and online transaction processing solutions. With a focus on helping nonprofits who use Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Fairway Payments reached out to Idealist Consulting to develop an app that would help their clients easily put payment and donation information into Salesforce.

Payment app for Salesforce NPSP_Fairway

The Problem

Not having an easily downloadable app that integrated payment processing with NPSP was creating roadblocks and inefficiencies for many of Fairway Payments’ nonprofit clients.

“(The customers) have enjoyed a smooth experience which is everything we hoped for when partnering with Idealist Consulting,” said Senior Vice President of Fairway Payments Bob Schmid. “It has fully met their expectations and taken them were they needed it go.”

The Solution

Fairway Payments sought out Idealist Consulting to help create a Salesforce app that uses Sage Payment Solutions to facilitate payments. Fairway wanted to bring the payment experience that their customers already enjoyed as close to the NPSP platform as possible, so Idealist Consulting helped them build a “plug and play” integration that the end user would find easy to set up and configure. In addition, Fairway wanted customers that were seeking to create their own custom Salesforce integration to be able to use this app instead for payment processing.

donation app for Salesforce NPSP

The Result

With the app in production, beta customers have enjoyed a smooth experience and a range of services that are relevant and pertinent to any size nonprofit, including one-time and recurring donations, credit card payments, ACH, an account updater, and a “reprocess” button so the customer can reattempt a failed donation.

The app keeps credit card data secure by using a token process in NPSP. This helps keep sensitive information within the Sage platform and simply moves the tokens to NPSP for running transactions. The app also includes login information, so if a transaction fails the organization can see the transaction log in NPSP and reach out to the processor to resolve.


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