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Decoding Salesforce Data Cloud

By: Kathy Dunne

Salesforce Data Cloud is a powerful customer data platform (CDP) tool that brings data from multiple sources together to provide a nuanced, comprehensive source of truth for constituent data. For nonprofits, leveraging Data Cloud can significantly enhance your fundraising, program management, communication, and outreach efforts. By integrating with Salesforce's latest product, Nonprofit Cloud, Data Cloud becomes an even more valuable resource for organizations. Below we’ll outline a comprehensive approach to understanding how Data Cloud can empower nonprofits.

Understanding Salesforce Data Cloud

Many nonprofits have data in different formats and multiple places. Salesforce's Data Cloud is a platform that allows organizations to connect and manage this data in order to gain a unified view of their constituents. Pre-built connectors reduce the effort needed to connect to data source systems. Ultimately, Data Cloud speeds up your ability to get actionable insights through analytics, segmentation, automation, and AI tools.

Benefits for Nonprofits

  • Enhanced Fundraising: Data Cloud enables nonprofits to identify potential donors more effectively by providing comprehensive data on individuals or organizations with a higher likelihood of supporting their cause.
  • Improved Outreach: By gaining access to in-depth data on your supporters, nonprofits can create more personalized and targeted marketing engagement strategies, leading to more effective outreach efforts.
  • Better Impact Measurement: Nonprofits can use the data available through Data Cloud to measure and communicate the impact of their programs more effectively, which is crucial for building trust with donors and demonstrating accountability.

Nonprofit Applications of Data Cloud

Nonprofit organizations can leverage Data Cloud in various ways to advance their mission and achieve their goals. Some key applications include:

  • Donor Prospecting: Identify potential donors with a higher propensity to give based on their demographic, behavioral, and firmographic data.
  • Personalized Engagement: Create personalized communication and engagement strategies by understanding the preferences and behaviors of supporters.
  • 'Holistic' Moves Management: Nurture constituents across every point of engagement with your organization. 
  • Scalable Segmentation: Perform sophisticated segmentation of large datasets on-platform. 
  • Consent Management: Maintain compliance and resolve identities effectively.

What Data Cloud is Not

It’s important to understand that Data Cloud is not designed to be a data lake, backup, or archival solution. It’s an engine for ingesting and normalizing disparate data in order to provide timely, meaningful insights so that you can take action.

Integration with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

One of the benefits of Data Cloud is that it is integrated with the Salesforce platform. It’s already connected to Salesforce objects, and Salesforce can read data in Data Cloud the same way it can read CRM data. You can use the data in flows, Lightning Web Components, Einstein, analytics, and more.

The integration extends to Salesforce's Nonprofit Cloud, a set of solutions that includes fundraising, program management, grant management, and outcome measurement tools, all within a single product. With Data Cloud and Nonprofit Cloud, organizations have a comprehensive solution for managing operations and making informed decisions based on a complete view of their data and constituents—no matter where the data originates

The integration of Data Cloud with Nonprofit Cloud allows organizations to:

  • Harmonize data while preserving the source
  • Streamline operations
  • Improve collaboration
  • Make informed decisions based on trustworthy data
  • Segment audiences
  • Ensure data privacy

By combining the capabilities of Data Cloud with Nonprofit Cloud, organizations can effectively manage their fundraising, program delivery, and impact measurement efforts in one unified platform. Click here to see Data Cloud in action!

Salesforce's Data Cloud is a valuable resource for nonprofits looking to enhance their fundraising, outreach, and impact measurement efforts with a powerful data engine. When used in conjunction with Nonprofit Cloud, it can provide organizations with the tools they need to maximize their impact and achieve their mission more effectively.


For more information on how to leverage Salesforce's Data Cloud for your organization, send us a message!

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