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Organizations like Team Rubicon have become fundraising powerhouses through structuring their data in smart ways before they move to a CRM. And if you're already on Salesforce, there are probably some key areas you could improve around profiling and tracking.
The CRM Starter Kit brought to you by Idealist Consulting and UpRaise Consulting includes a Fillable Data Sheet and How to Create Donor Profiles resource and will get your team used to "thinking like a CRM" about your data. Use as pre-CRM resources, or if you're only using your CRM as a glorified rolodex, you will get an idea of ways you can expand to answer questions like:
  • Who are our donors and what motivates them?
  • How can I use donor profiles to get more donors?
  • How can I increase the Total Lifetime Value of our donors?
  • Are people getting our newsletter donating more than those who are not?