Why I'm giving my employees Election Day off

To my friends, colleagues, fellow business owners and leaders:


Idealist Consulting is a company founded on Peace Corps values, a drive to make the complex accessible, and a pledge to leave a positive wake. As a CEO, business leader, and entrepreneur, my relationship with civic responsibility and government actions or inactions have fluctuated over the years. However, now, more than ever I reflect on my pledge to use business as a force for good.


I see a growing responsibility for the private sector to drive change, believe in impact, and nurture our communities. In keeping with these values I have decided to join a growing number of business leaders in granting our employees the day off on Election Day, November 6th, 2018 for the expressed purpose of driving civic engagement.


Fellow business leaders, I urge you to do the same.


This next election cycle is going to be essential in restoring civility to our country. I believe that we can turn things around. However, it won’t happen unless people vote, and although I have identified with both Democrat and Republican views over the years I stand firmly today with former president Barack Obama’s assessment that “the greatest threat to our democracy is indifference.”


I believe in this so deeply that I have declared Election Day as a paid company holiday even though Oregon utilizes mail-in ballots. Since most Oregonians vote before Election Day, I will be offering my staff flex time prior to November 6th to promote get out the vote efforts through their own sphere of influence.


I hope you will join me, and countless other businesses, by adding your business to the growing list of companies committed to giving their employees time off to vote. Let’s commit to energize and exercise our democratic privilege. Add your name here.



Rob Jordan

CEO & Founder, Idealist Consulting


Join me