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App Development services

Application Development

You have an idea that can change lives. We want to help.

Partner with us to develop your Salesforce Application.

We help you transform your great idea into an application that will grow your business. We take you through planning, building and supporting your app with Heroku, Mulesoft, and Lightning components.

Why Idealist


Scale your vision with a partner who knows Salesforce and progressive organizations.


Reduce risk and develop a robust go-to-market plan.


Detailed support for launch and post-launch activities.

App Development Services

App Development services


Reduce risk and unknowns.

Before you can build an application, you need a plan. With our assessment you will receive a full project plan including:

Timeline: We'll send you a full deployment calendar with allocated labor to let you plan effectively.

Scope: We provide a detailed description of work that defines development deliverables so you know exactly what you'll receive.

Budget: We clearly define all expected costs for building and supporting your application.

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Roadmap and build your application

With our application development services we provide comprehensive support from development, to AppExchange publication, to a go-to-market strategy.

We can build your Salesforce app from scratch, integrate it with Salesforce, or upgrade it to Lightning. We specialize in NPSP integrations.

Testing & Debugging
We'll conduct user acceptance testing (UAT) and give it a full security review. Finally, you'll get to beta-test the application with a customer.

After it's been fully tested and approved we'll publish the application for you on the AppExchange.


Go-live and post-launch support.

Once the application is complete you will need to support it. With our support services you will receive all the collateral and a detailed process to help you manage the app.

We'll build a case management system to manage bugs, integration issues, and customer support.

We'll build and outline a process to manage tiered escalation for any support cases you may have.

We'll provide a schema, wireframes and workflows, plus support from our certified staff to manage your cases.

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