Finding your Professional Voice: Values, Ethics and Purpose

Rob Jordan takes on this thought-provoking topic that is shaping global business today.

Three Tenets

Values, Ethics and Purpose are the three tenets of finding your professional voice.

Rob Speaking Diagram
  • 1. Values = Motivation
  • 2. Ethics = Orientation
  • 3. Purpose = Destination
Business Values through the years.
The integration of values and motivation.
Using ethics to orient yourself.
Why reaching your goals requires a purpose.
How to discover your purpose.
The difference between ethics and morals.
About Rob

Rob Jordan is the CEO and Founder of Idealist Consulting, a Salesforce and marketing automation firm. Rob left his job at a global consulting firm in 1998 to join the Peace Corps in Ukraine, a decision that would lead to a lifelong commitment to ethical business.

From his time as a Peace Corps volunteer, Rob developed a vision for a better way of doing business and started Idealist Consulting with the goal to bridge the technological chasm between nonprofits and the corporate sector. Today, this vision is realized through Idealist Consulting’s unique people-first culture that has helped over 800 clients improve their use of Salesforce.

A published author, Rob has held positions as diverse as Red Cross Team Captain in the aftermath of the 9-11 tragedy, river expedition leader, and associate director of Outward Bound Costa Rica. He has also earned a graduate degree in international issues and conflict resolution. Rob has spoken to audiences of 500+ at Idealist Consulting’s annual Engagement Party at Dreamforce as well as small business and university audiences on the topic of ethics in business. Rob has traveled to over 65 countries (and lived in three) and today makes his home in Portland, Oregon with his daughter.

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