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Register Today for Our Upcoming Webinar: Technology Solutions for Disruptive Events

By: Idealist Consulting

When crisis strikes, nonprofit organizations must be prepared to act swiftly. Disruptive events can create urgent needs for resources, volunteers, and funding – placing immense demands on nonprofits serving vulnerable communities. In these critical moments, having the right technology toolkit is essential for an agile, high-impact response.

That's why we're excited to announce our upcoming webinar, "Technology Solutions for Disruptive Events." This insightful online session will explore how nonprofits can harness innovative technologies to enhance preparedness and effectively navigate unforeseen crises.

By attending, you'll gain valuable insights from industry leaders on key topics like:

  • Resource Deployment: Streamline operations to efficiently allocate and distribute vital supplies and equipment when it matters most.
  • Volunteer Activation: Learn strategies to rapidly mobilize your volunteer force and coordinate their efforts during emergencies.
  • Fundraising Agility: Implement tactics to launch targeted fundraising campaigns that address urgent needs arising from disruptions.
  • Funding Activation: Discover best practices for quickly disbursing critical funds to partners and communities on the ground.

Kevin Ziegler, Lead Solutions Engineer at Salesforce, will provide an in-depth look at how the powerful Salesforce platform enables nonprofits to swiftly deploy resources, volunteers, and funding in times of crisis.

Additionally, Kate Jordan from Idealist Consulting will share inspiring insights from the World Food Program USA's experience. You'll learn how they utilized Salesforce to boost fundraising agility and emergency grantmaking capabilities when disruptions occurred.

Don't miss this opportunity to future-proof your nonprofit! Register now for "Technology Solutions for Disruptive Events" and gain the tools to navigate any crisis with confidence. When the unexpected happens, you'll be ready to continue delivering maximum impact for the communities you serve.

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