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The Latest in Fundraising for Nonprofits from Salesforce and Compatible Applications

By: Idealist Consulting

Did you miss Adventure Webinar: Fundraising with Nonprofit Cloud & Compatible Applications? Don't worry; we've got you covered! In this blog post, we're excited to share snippets of video recordings from the webinar, allowing you to dive into the wealth of knowledge and insights shared by our experts and partners.

During this unique webinar format, attendees had the opportunity to explore three different webinar rooms, each focusing on a specific aspect of fundraising with Nonprofit Cloud and compatible applications. You'll hear our partners Classy and Blackthorn sharing their expertise on Nonprofit Cloud-compatible, fundraising-focused functionality, a first look at Nonprofit Cloud integrations for compatible applications, and insights into current and future developments that can elevate your fundraising strategy. 

First, a bit about our partners. The Classy app provides a nonprofit fundraising platform that helps organizations connect with supporters, create customized donation campaigns, accept various payment methods, and manage donor relationships to increase revenue and impact. Our partners at Blackthorn provide nonprofits with a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline fundraising, event planning, and donor relationship management, empowering them to increase donations and operate more efficiently. We hope you enjoy the adventure!

Adventure Webinar Room 1: Nonprofit Cloud Application Integration with Classy

Check out this first look at Classy's Nonprofit Cloud integration with Christa Blumenthal, Head of Solution Engineering at Classy!


Adventure Webinar Room 2: NPC for Fundraising with Idealist Consulting

Explore Nonprofit Cloud fundraising functionality with Idealist Consulting Director of Sales and Client Success Alison Wandschneider. Be sure to click the button at the end of this post to catch the full version including a Q&A with Solution Architect Dar Veverka.


Room 3: Enhance Your Fundraising Strategy with Blackthorn

Dive into Blackthorn's suite of offerings and enhance your fundraising strategy with Matt Frank, VP of Technology at Blackthorn.


We hope these videos have provided you with valuable insights and inspiration for elevating your fundraising strategy using Nonprofit Cloud and compatible applications. Keep an eye out for future webinars and events from Idealist Consulting, where we continue to bring together industry experts, partners, and innovative solutions to empower nonprofit organizations like yours.

Remember, fundraising is an ever-evolving landscape, and staying informed about the latest technologies and strategies can give your organization the tools to drive impact.

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