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5 Dreamforce Sessions We’re Excited About

By: Kirsten Kippen

Agenda Builder for Dreamforce is now live, and at last count, there were no less than 3,487 sessions to choose from. And that is not even including the amazing parties

How’s a Salesforce fangirl/boy to choose? We are here to help. Here are several of the Dreamforce sessions we are speaking at, have a client involved in, or are just generally excited about. So, toss your extra pair of shoes in your backpack, get out your calendar, and join us for an inspiring week. Remember to sign up for every session you want to attend, double-check time/place as these often shift, and make sure to show up early as seating is not guaranteed.


1. Unleashing the power of technology and collaboration for human rights & peace

Westin St. Francis, California East

Tuesday, November 19, 8:30 AM - 9:10 AM

This session will focus on the power technology and connecting people and resources have to play in tackling some of the world’s largest human rights violations globally. How do we amplify a voice of hope and enable changemakers? Hear from four leaders on how they are driving positive social impact through a diverse set of tools and networks.


2. Getting Started with Pardot to Achieve Your Marketing Goals with iDE

Westin St. Francis, California West

Tuesday, November 19, 2:00 PM - 2:40 PM

Marketing automation is a must-have these days to reach potential donors or program participants. Pardot (now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) is the marketing automation tool of choice for many nonprofits using Salesforce, but the learning curve on it can be daunting, especially when your executive team wants it up and running yesterday. We've been down that road, we hit a few potholes along the way and made it over the finish line - getting Marketing Cloud Account Engagement up and running successfully in a short time frame. Join Urban Teachers and iDE Global for a practical walk-through of getting started with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. We'll cover the basics as well as some best practices.


3. Stop Feeling Lonely: Using Communities to Modernize How Nonprofits Connect with Nonprofit New York

Westin St. Francis Saskatoon Stage (Grand Ballroom)

Tuesday, November 19, 4:00 PM – 4:20 PM 

Nonprofit New York is disrupting the idea that nonprofit work can be lonely by leveraging Salesforce Communities to share innovative resources and engage members, donors, and other participants. Nonprofit New York uses the platform to create tight-knit relationships rooted in information sharing and accessibility. We’ll show users how deepening engagement between yourself and your organization’s constituents helps alleviate the loneliness of nonprofit work while simultaneously increasing your strategic impact.


4. How to Use Salesforce to Engage Your Supporters with World Food Program

Westin St. Francis, California East

Wednesday, November 20, 8:30 AM - 9:10 AM

In this session, you'll learn how best to utilize Salesforce to share information, create a common language among your team, and propel your fundraising to the next level. Experienced professionals will share their battle stories so you don't make the same mistakes. We will show you how we measure and track everything in Salesforce. We've found that by pulling in various "soft" touchpoints, we were able to retain, understand, and upgrade donors at a higher rate. We'll show you how to let tools work for you. We will highlight our tremendously successful online sustainer program. Our monthly (sustainer) program represents roughly half our online revenue and half our active giving file. Most of this program is run through automated messaging with very little staff time. Finally, we'll show you how we use Salesforce dashboards and reports to create a common language for groups across the organization to measure performance. We've utilized dashboards to bridge the conversations from "my donors" and "my programs" to "how does our revenue create IMPACT in the communities we serve?" Come away from this session with real tools for leveraging your Salesforce org to grow your revenue and your supporters.


5. A Perfect Engagement - Funding Gender Equality through Event & Fundraising Apps with Mogli, iATS, Soapbox Engage, Amplify, and Idealist Consulting

Westin St. Francis, Saskatoon Stage (Grand Ballroom)

Thursday November 21, 2:30 p.m. - 2:50 p.m.

See how Amplify, a nonprofit that empowers underrepresented voices to be fearless leaders in technology, increased its donor reach and engagement through a strong event strategy, smart fundraising and aligned technologies. 

Hungry for more? 

There is plenty more to experience during Dreamforce. Here are a few final recommendations:

Our Business Development team will be roaming Westin St. Francis and beyond throughout Dreamforce. Interested in meeting with us? Let us know at and we’ll buy you a coffee!


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