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Case Study Sneak Peek: tracking small donors for the Banfield Foundation

By: Jacqueline Fassett

Who doesn’t love pet snuggles?! Our client the Banfield Foundation is all about making sure everyone has enough snuggles. At the core of the Banfield Foundation is the belief that all pets deserve access to veterinary care.

In support of this belief, the foundation funds programs that enable veterinary care, elevates the power of the human-animal bond, provides disaster relief for pets, and advances the science of veterinary medicine through fostering innovation and education. To support this mission the Foundation needed help tracking small donors.

Founded in 2015, the Banfield Foundation is a charitable extension of the more than 950 nationwide Banfield Pet Hospitals. As a relatively new organization, the Banfield Foundation was in the unique position of being able to chart a smart data-driven course from the start.

Working with Idealist Consulting, the Banfield Hospital wanted to:

1. Track grant applications and awards to better follow money going in and out of the system

2. Seamlessly connect to third party apps such as an online donation processor, an email marketing platform, and a grant application form solution

3. Improve reporting capabilities in order to diversify funding sources by tracking small donors. They knew small one-time donations were their best prospects, and Idealist Consulting knew how to create actionable reports.


With this in mind, Idealist Consulting got to work to customize a Salesforce instance suited to the Foundation’s needs.

In the words of Marina Shuman, program coordinator for the Banfield Foundation, the results were clear:

“Salesforce has allowed us to segment and target donor communications in ways that simply would not have been possible otherwise, increasing online donations by 360% since implementation.”

To learn more about the Foundation’s journey with Salesforce, check out the full case study.


read the case study




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