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How Conservation Legacy Merged Multiple Systems Into One User-Friendly Instance

By: Erika Manzo

With 15 program sites across the country, Conservation Legacy engages youth, young adults, and veterans in conservation work. Every year their participants contribute millions of hours of service to public lands in the U.S. 

The Problem 

Conservation Legacy was using several different systems to track information about their members, program operations, and partner relationships.  The information stored in these systems included timesheets, position data, invoices, reporting, agreement tracking, and more. With multiple sources of information, it was difficult to keep all systems up-to-date, and efficiently report on that data. Even though Conservation Legacy had a Salesforce instance, only a small portion of their employees were using it. 

The Solution

With a vision to consolidate their data into a single, user-friendly system, Conservation Legacy turned to Idealist Consulting for help. Idealist Consulting staff knew that it was not efficient to store information in multiple places. Not only did this increase the risk for errors, but it was also time-consuming. With an optimized Salesforce instance, Conservation Legacy would have a single source of truth for their organization.  

The Result

Conservation Legacy had a decent Salesforce foundation in place. Idealist Consulting provided guidance on building out their Salesforce instance and developed several complex automated processes including timesheet submission and approval, a custom invoicing process, and AmeriCorps slot management. In addition, Salesforce gave Conservation Legacy more ownership of their data and system. Prior to Salesforce, they found themselves creating tickets for minor issues within their systems. With the added autonomy of Salesforce, staff could make the changes needed with ease. 

With the help of Idealist Consulting, a community was created for the members of Conservation Legacy. This new feature allows for multiple profile levels. With a friendly, easy to use community, participants like crew leaders and supervisors can log into the community and complete tasks like approving crew hours and completing reports. Idealist Consulting also integrated the FormAssembly app. This online form builder allows Conservation Legacy to easily gather data from their participants, and feed it directly into their Salesforce instance. With a single system that stores all their data, they are now able to run complete reports saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

“With Idealist Consulting’s help, we were able to eliminate most of our separate and disconnected systems which resulted in more integrated data. As a result, reporting is more efficient and robust in Salesforce.” 

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