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How the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Built a Custom Online Community for Its Members

By: Idealist Consulting

When the call for digital transformation sounded at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the organization decided to go full in. They wanted to implement Salesforce, migrate all their data onto the platform, start using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (powered by Pardot), and build a community for their members with Experience Cloud. They chose Idealist Consulting to help them do it.

The American Academy of Arts and Science was established during the founding of the United States, and today its membership represents experts involved in science, scholarship, the arts, business, and politics. The Academy wanted to build a Salesforce community to support their members and to facilitate the organization’s complex nomination process.

In this video, Mark Robinson, Chief Operating Officer of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, talks about what it was like to work with Idealist Consulting to adopt Salesforce and build an online community for their members.



Looking to build an online community for your organization? We’ve got a guide that will lead you through the process: “Build Community Online: A Guide to Planning Your Perfect Portal.”

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