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D.C. Public Library Foundation finds efficiency with NPSP upgrade

By: Jacqueline Fassett

The Objective:

The District of Columbia Public Library Foundation (DCPLF) works to ensure that libraries in DC deliver the highest quality of service and programming to the District’s residents, by mobilizing private philanthropy together with government support. After seven years of using Salesforce, the DCPLF reached out to Idealist Consulting to perform an audit to see what could be optimized.


The Problem:

The DCPLF knew they were not using Salesforce in the best or most up-to-date way possible. A key pillar of the Foundation is securing and administering funding (they have raised $4M since 1985), and they suspected they could become more efficient with major donor management. After hiring a new staff member, they realized many of their processes were not documented or following best practices.


The Solution:

Idealist Consulting began by performing an audit on DCPLF’s existing Salesforce instance. Based on these findings, consultants determined that a Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) optimization, Salesforce Lightning upgrade and household conversion would improve user adoption, data quality, and business efficiency. Along with improving Salesforce’s native functionality, Idealist Consulting also integrated the following applications: iContact, Apsona for Salesforce, Eventbrite, and iATS Brickwork. Finally, Idealist Consulting helped the DCPLF adopt a moves management strategy through NPSP with the creation of two Engagement Plans and Levels.


The Result:

The DCPLF is really excited about all of the possibilities from their optimized Salesforce Lightning instance. Now all of their donation and donor data is being stored in their Salesforce instance and connected to their apps. With their increased efficiency, they are now saving time and able to focus on their organization’s mission.

DCPLF adopts Salesforce Lightning


In their words:

“When we realized that we could import a spreadsheet as a deposit, and that would allow us to produce thank you letters and that would be the one time we would be doing data entry, it was a huge weight off our shoulders. It’s going to save us so much time and effort.”

-Linnea Hegarty, Executive Director of The District of Columbia Public Library Foundation.


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