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The Engagement Party: The Dreamforce party of 2017

9.14.17 By: idealconsult

Write down this date: November 8th, 2017. It’s going to be the night you find your people at Dreamforce. It’s going to be when you dance away all the stress. It’s going to be where you’re free from the pitches and just let loose. It’s the night of the best Dreamforce party, the Engagement Party.

For six years running, this has been the best Dreamforce party for attendees to congregate with their nonprofit peers and with like-minded business allies. Last year 700 nonprofit, small business, and Salesforce folks partied with us!

We’re inviting you to the best party at Dreamforce 2017 

Who: Nonprofits*, B Corps, Small-to-medium businesses, and progressive organizations of all types, and employees
*The Engagement Party is always free for nonprofits.

What: This is a party, through and through. Drinks are on us, dancing is strongly encouraged. There will be a DJ, an aerial dancer, and other surprise performances to make sure you’re having a blast. Our goal is to get to know you, surround you with your peers, and make sure you have a great time.

When: Wednesday, November 8th, from 8 pm to late.

Where: Monarch San Francisco. This two story nightclub is on the corner of 6th and Mission, on the edge of the Dreamforce campus. Close enough to walk and big enough to accommodate your most adventurous dance-off. No Dreamforce backpacks or badges needed here!

Why you should attend our Dreamforce party

This is the time to celebrate idealists: those who look beyond what "is" and focus on what could be. This party is for those who want to make an impact for the better. It’s a welcome break from the fluorescent lights of Dreamforce sessions and a place to celebrate all that “Ohana” is and can be. 

And, just like last year, all proceeds from the ticket fee will be donated to a local nonprofit. 

Dreamforce party for nonprofits

We can't wait to see you on November 8th at Monarch.

Do you work for a nonprofit and want a free ticket to our party? Just email us and we’ll send you a discount code!


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