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Global Mindset in a new age

7.21.21 By: Rob Jordan

In the past year, we have undergone an extraordinary acceleration that has changed how we approach the world. Borders both geographical, professional, and personal have become more permeable, revealing new ways of thinking and inspiring us toward innovation. We are no longer bound to our geography and can make an impact far beyond our local influence. Now, even the most local missions have global reach. We are witnessing a revolution in technology adoption, and also a revolution in our collective ability to project our voices and impact our communities for the better. 

For over 15 years Idealist Consulting has been on the forefront of empowering the world's most vulnerable through technology. As a result we are prepared to be your partner in this new age, strengthening your mission's presence in the world. Our new website is a reflection of this new road we will travel together. A road that is filled with possibility, innovation, and the success of causes that change the world.   

Rob Jordan



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