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Greatest Hits: Our Top Blog Posts of 2023

By: Idealist Consulting

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, we are excited to share a curated collection of our top blog posts from 2023. It's been a journey filled with insights, innovation, and inspiring impact stories. Join us in revisiting the moments that resonated most with our nonprofit readers.

From deep dives into industry trends to inspiring digital transformation stories, each post in this compilation represents a snapshot of the knowledge and expertise we shared with our nonprofit community over the past twelve months. These greatest hits embody the essence of our mission—to educate, guide, and empower organizations working on some of the world's most important causes. Following the announcement of Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud in March of this year, we aimed to provide clarity and insight on this new offering as information became available. For a deeper dive into all things Nonprofit Cloud, check out our Nonprofit Cloud Resources Library to supplement the list below!

Whether you've been a part of the Idealist Consulting community for a while, or are a newer connection, dive into this retrospective journey with us and rediscover the stories that made 2023 an exceptional chapter for us. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

1. Salesforce Grant Management for Nonprofits: NPSP vs. Nonprofit Cloud

Discover how Nonprofit Success Pack and Nonprofit Cloud offer powerful options for streamlined grant management with features ranging from basic tracking to advanced relationship management and efficiency tools.

2. Putting the Pieces Together: Tracking Relationships in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Explore how to use Salesforce to track the various types of relationships that are relevant to your constituents and how employing the householding method to track these relationships can expand your organization's understanding of your community.

3. The End of the Road for Salesforce’s Elevate

What does the discontinuation of the fundraising tool Elevate mean for your organization? In this post, we outline Salesforce’s roadmap for existing Elevate contracts and discuss alternative solutions for your fundraising needs.

4. Walking a Raiser's Edge: Why Nonprofits Are Migrating to Salesforce

Learn more about the Idealist Migration Framework (IMF), the importance of a strategic and comprehensive migration process, and hear why we think nonprofits should consider a move from Raiser's Edge to Salesforce for improved data management and scalability.

5. Salesforce Person Accounts: A 3D View

Learn how Person Accounts act as a 3D lens, combining Contact and Account fields for a comprehensive view of your community members, and discover their practical applications for nonprofits in managing individual donor relationships, streamlining workflows, and enhancing productivity. 

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This year has been full of exciting partnerships, inspiring new technology innovations, and lots of growth for our team at Idealist Consulting. Thanks for coming along with us - we’re excited to continue providing valuable guidance as we explore digital transformation together in the new year.

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