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How Our Unique Training Methodology Sets You up for Long-Term Success

6.3.22 By: Lisa Gilham

At Idealist Consulting, we’ve built out a unique training methodology that weaves throughout our project together. This ensures that at the end of the day, you feel confident in your new system and ready to bring your team on board. By blending three highly effective approaches, you can rest easy knowing you will have the training resources you need at your fingertips.

Education Materials and Documentation

While your deployment is being rolled out, we provide you with a guidebook we’ve compiled filled with our most comprehensive educational blog posts to supplement training. This gives you and your team some background on technical terminology and creates a shared language for us to use as we work together. With this guidebook in hand, you will feel well-prepared for a seamless rollout.

To track the configuration work on the project, we install a unique project management tool directly into your Salesforce instance called Story Navigator. All design and configuration documentation is stored in this tool and remains in your system for future training and reference. Test scripts (descriptions of actions necessary to perform a task) are written for each user story so that all users have step-by-step instructions to perform their work within Salesforce.

Additional documentation may be completed upon request, such as admin guides, process and technical documentation, a relationship entity diagram, automation flowcharts, and integration process maps. 

Experiential UAT (User Acceptance Testing) Training

During our work together, Idealist Consulting will provide a detailed walkthrough for each section of system configuration completed. These consist of test scripts used for real-world testing and training with your team and are stored in Story Navigator so that you have one comprehensive training resource for experiential learning. This way, you can learn to navigate your Salesforce instance with an actual use case and start to see exciting results right away.

In addition to the test scripts, consultants will share other useful documentation including ERDs (entity relationship diagrams), data models, automations, and interactive diagrams to support the adoption process and the internal admin tasked with maintaining your new system.

Train the Trainer

Idealist Consulting’s approach encourages a “train the trainer” model, where the documentation materials we provide can be used to train relevant folks on your team in an ongoing, long-term way. This empowers your organization to take ownership of your new tool and have everything you need to support future training.

Our consultants will provide recordings of demos, walkthroughs, and training sessions of specific functionality so that your team will have on-demand resources when needed. Training sessions for trainers may include basic admin training, advanced admin training, and role-specific training or area-specific training. 

Navigating the world of CRMs and optimizations can be daunting. Without the proper support in place, it can feel confusing and complicated. We’ve been at this for a long time and make it our mission to set you and your organization up for success. With our thorough and intuitive training methodology, we’ll make sure you feel fully equipped to use your new Salesforce system to its fullest potential.


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