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Introducing the Idealist Way

By: Kirsten Kippen

For the past few months, we have been hard at work on developing a new story for the path you take when you work with Idealist Consulting. Today, I could not be prouder to debut The Idealist Way.


But first, a little backstory

This was a conversation that started last year with our rebrand– we found ourselves sitting up a little taller, because more than just a bold new font and logo, our brand embraced our values of driving change and believing in impact.

But we wanted more. We have always leaned on metaphor to tell the story of how and why we work the way we do, but it can be incredibly difficult to find a metaphor both simple and complex enough to explain the intricacies of Salesforce implementation projects to both lay-people and more technical staff. So, we knew we needed a metaphor and a visual representation of our projects. Easier said than done when you operate in the land of Apex code and rollup fields!

Also, we knew we wanted to highlight how we educate throughout our projects, and how we prioritize conversations both with clients and external partners like application solutions and Salesforce Account Executives who have a stake in our projects. So we developed a curriculum that we send (through Pardot, of course) to clients.


Today, we are proud to present the Idealist Way

The Idealist Way is our path that educates, guides, and empowers you when you go through a Salesforce project with us. If you engage with us on a CRM implementation starting in late 2018, you will experience:

  1. A story of your CRM experience that will help you become more comfortable with what’s ahead and where you’ve been.

  2. Timely resources including blog posts, Trailhead suggestions, and conversations with our Client Success Manager that align with the particular phase you are at in a project.

  3. An immersive experience through our native Salesforce StoryNavigator application which we use to create and validate user stories as a foundation for our configuration work.


Here’s our short video preview of the Idealist Way



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