Introducing the New Idealist Consulting Website

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By: Rob Jordan | 2.1.13

Welcome to our new website! As you can see we have re-branded slightly. This sharper look leans toward simplicity and efficiency -- much like our consulting process. We built upon this brand and extended it to our new website which offers an approachable and clear navigation experience for the user. Where other websites bring noise and confusion we offer clarity and directness -- we think this suits our style perfectly. While visiting our new site you can expect:

  • A clean design that is conducive to both touch screen and mouse navigation. 

  • A mobile device friendly interface that considers both phone and slate devices.

  • A faster server for speedier navigation.

  • Login capability for knowledge share among our client base.

  • Visual force integration with our CRM to assure up-to-the-minute content.

  • And more...

As Idealist Consulting grows we continue to look for innovative wasy to serve our clients effectively. Our new website represents this effort. That said, we are looking forward to bringing you more innovation throughout the year in both database and web design. All the best and enjoy the site!


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