Less is More

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By: Rob Jordan | 3.12.13

Living with less is about maintaining a lifestyle.  When something enters your life, something else needs to go.  Studies show this leads to a less complex lifestyle which ultimately brings less anxiety. Sadly we know this to be true and yet we keep collecting "stuff".  Interestingly enough, the same can be said of data. In the 6 years Idealist Consulting has been deploying CRM, we see an insatiable need to hold onto data -- legacy data that is only taking up space.  Not only is this data costing you money to house but with each gb another server is required to make sure you can reference the data you "might" need.

Much like those old shoes you think you'll wear again or that old tie you see coming back into fashion, it seem wasteful to throw it out. Truth is, whether it's a contact record or a tie- if you haven't used it 5 years, it's time to let it go.  So the next time you find yourself wondering if you should "keep or delete"...just ask yourself..."what kind of lifestyle do you wish to live"? Read more...


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