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mParticle Gets a Helping Hand with Salesforce Admin Support

2.27.20 By: Luis Sevilla

The Objective

mParticle is a customer data platform that enables leading consumer brands to streamline their customer data pipeline. By unifying data, increasing data quality and simplifying integrations with enterprise-class security, mParticle helps brands such as Venmo and Postmates deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. 

A busy business operations team without a full-time Salesforce admin led mParticle to partner with Idealist Consulting for Salesforce support.


The Problem

mParticle started using Salesforce in 2015 to help manage their rapidly growing sales and success team. Initially set up with a part-time consultant for administration, the Head of the PMO, Jerri Gillean was appointed to manage the strategic direction and design of operational workflows in Salesforce as a portion of her responsibilities.  Jerri would design and the admin would build. 

As time and contract admins moved on, mParticle’s business needed consistent strong administrative help to execute specific projects and maintain the health of the instance. As the team and needs grew, admins were often not available at times that were convenient for mParticle’s bi-coastal operations. The time inconvenience and lack of a dedicated Salesforce expertise caused a backlog of cases. 


The Solution

Until mParticle could hire a full time admin, they needed a helping hand.  Jerri reached out to Idealist Consulting for a solution. Idealist Consulting was able to provide a skilled admin that allowed them to have a Salesforce expert available during a specific time every day. By having the ability to choose a preferred time, the consultant was available at a time that overlapped with the west coast, east coast, and even a bit with the UK team.

Along with being available at a convenient time, the consultant had past experience that was very helpful to an enterprise SaaS company.  He understood not only Salesforce but business operations. This proved to be valuable for Jerri and mParticle because the consultant had a good understanding of how the business works, and he was able to leverage that knowledge to make Salesforce more suitable for mParticle's processes.


The Result

Having admin support took a significant load of Salesforce work off Jerri. Before having the support of the consultant, Jerri averaged 20 hours a week on Salesforce. After partnering with Idealist Consulting for admin support, the time reduced by more than 50%, but with a huge increase in productivity. The backlog of cases started shrinking as well. The consultant closed around two to three cases a day. The time saved allowed Jerri to focus on other important aspects of her job. She no longer had to worry about day-to-day Salesforce tasks that were a must for the organization but kept her from working through other deliverables.


In their words

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“Having excellent admin support in Salesforce is mission-critical.  I highly recommend working with Idealist to determine your specific needs.  My request was very specific, I needed someone available from 9-noon PST five days a week.  They were able to take my request and match me with an admin who was a perfect fit for our organization.  I would work with him again in a heartbeat. It was an excellent experience," said Gillean  

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