A New Sheriff is in Town

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By: Rob Jordan | 3.13.13

So the writing is on the wall. CRM (Contact Relationship Manager) is the biggest kid on the block now.  More importantly, CRM is likely to become the most essential software to run an organization. Why, you ask?  Because Gartner, the multimillion dollar technology advisory firm says so.  This means less focus on office suites (like Microsoft Office) and more focus on how you communicate with your constituency.  CRM also edged out ESP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which includes CRM but focuses more on the sales/donation tracking that software provides rather than the relationship building inherent in CRM.  It should be no surprise that Salesforce.com is leading the charge for CRM. Considering that eight years ago Salesforce.com was almost unheard of, this report certainly establishes Salesforce.com as the new sheriff in town. Read more...



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