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One22 aligns staff and data with on-site discovery

By: Jacqueline Fassett

The Objective

One22 was established in 2016 as the result of a merger of three long-time legacy organizations, each with more than a decade of service, who all focused on creating a more thriving and diverse Greater Teton Community.

As the teams began the merger they realized they would need to connect all their data from various platforms and spreadsheets. They looked to Salesforce to help them get aligned.


The Problem

One22 has strong community connections with a large portion of their constituents. As they navigated their newly unified goal, they had a lot of questions about how to serve this population better.

Along with aligning their new team, they were finding they had no way to report on their efforts. They knew it would make a huge impact if they were able to collect data better and be able to share it with the influencers in their community.


The Solution

After looking at six consulting partners, they chose Idealist Consulting based on experience and personality.

Idealist proposed on-site discovery, an in-person workshop, to help this project ramp up faster and get everyone bought into their new technology shift.

“For us, we felt Idealist Consulting had the expertise of working with nonprofits. Someone working in the nonprofit field understands the limitations with grants, major donations, and other limitations. I also felt like [our consultant] was someone I could sit down with a glass of wine with. Someone I could communicate easily with. We knew our staff would spend a lot of time with them and this really helped with our on-site time,” said Carey Stanley Director of Programs.

Over a day and a half, One22 and Idealist Consulting consultants worked to lay out their user stories and reflect on how they could make their processes efficient with Salesforce. In large and small groups, the teams reviewed everything from donor development to case management to client services.

Additionally, they were asked to complete Salesforce Trailheads before the on-site discovery to help with the discussions. As the team had a wide range of technology experience, this helped get everyone speaking the same language and feeling comfortable talking about the upcoming tech change.

“It’s so important to include every one of our staff. By bringing people in and having assignments, we allowed them to buy into the change. Change is hard. Having their voice heard and being a part of building will help in the long run,” Stanley said.


The Result

While they understand it will still take time to get everyone feeling 100% confident with the new tool, the One22 team is very excited about their technology.

As they are finishing up their project with Idealist Consulting, they are really digging into how they can scale their impact and increase efficiencies with Salesforce.


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In their words:

“I’m most excited about user adoption. I’m also excited about the amazing data we’re going to be able to pull together. The social scientist in me gets really excited about the data. To see those trends and stories is going to be amazing. I get really excited about who we’re serving and what their struggles are,” Stanley said.


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