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Pachamama Alliance Improves Pledge Processing with Salesforce

9.12.18 By: Jacqueline Fassett

The Objective

The Pachamama Alliance empowers indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture and, using insights gained from that work, to educate and inspire individuals everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world. Pachamama Alliance engaged Idealist Consulting to perform an assessment of their existing database, Causeview, a nonprofit donor and gift management solution for Salesforce.

Pachamama Alliance

The Problem

Pachamama Alliance was using Causeview and running into hefty recurring costs, inaccurate data, and added manual tasks. Pachamama Alliance’s team began to look at migrating to Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

Furthermore, Pachamama Alliance wanted to improve their pledge processing and streamline sign-ups for their educational travel program, Pachamama Journeys, through a new form solution.


The Solution

Idealist Consulting began by conducting an in-depth discovery process to help Pachamama Alliance thoroughly outline their needs and create an accurate outline for the project. This helped Pachamama Alliance confidently move forward with their migration to NPSP several months later.

Dan Carney of Pachamama Alliance said: “That was a really good way to go about it, it enabled Idealist Consulting to come up with a more accurate scope of work for the migration. It was always clear what we needed to do and what Idealist Consulting needed to do. This was a crucial part of our project. If we would have started scoping in January, we would have gone way over our deadline, but thanks to the [discovery work] before, we saved time.”

Idealist Consulting then got to work to migrate Pachamama Alliance onto NPSP while also helping them overhaul their pledge processing and form solution.

“The actual implementation was really strong. Our Idealist project manager did a great job of ensuring everyone knew what they needed to do and meeting regularly to stay on track. I was always informed of where we were with our hours, and we were always very aware of our deadlines,” Carney said.


The Result

Today, Pachamama Alliance is running smoothly on Salesforce’s NPSP, which allows them to use and customize standard Salesforce Objects and Opportunities for more accurate data and better reporting and integration.

With Idealist Consulting’s help they were able to get rid of fields that were not being used to streamline their instance. They are now able to quickly and easily see accurate data such as a donor’s total pledges and donations, including annual totals.

“NPSP made a huge difference—we have fewer entries to make, so we have a lower risk of mistakes being made or inaccuracies, and less manual time overall,” Carney said.

Additionally, they are able to better manage and track events. Using Salesforce’s out-of-the-box feature, Salesforce Campaigns, they can easily track who attended events and see how they are doing towards their event-related goals.

Finally, through the use of FormAssembly, they have been able to streamline their educational travel program, which requires travelers to fill out several online forms and submit a deposit online. Now they have it set up so that when someone pays their deposit, they are sent a confirmation email in which there is a link to where they can pay the remainder of their balance, which is calculated off of the price determined in the trip's campaign record. All together, they are able to offer a more efficient and personalized experience for their travel programs, which translates to more quality time spent in service to their mission.


In their words:

“The biggest difference is that people are more excited about using Salesforce, especially logging in and engaging with it. Just the other day, a colleague came up to me and said, “Here’s all these reports I created to track our work.” It’s easier for my colleagues to do that now that we are in NPSP. It saves me time as an admin because I can put my time into other things.”

Pachamama Alliance NPSP

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