Private sector pays it forward: thank you donors!

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By: Bethany Williams | 12.15.15

As the year draws to a close, it’s a great time to think back on major achievements and events and look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor in the year to come. One of Idealist Consulting’s proudest accomplishments of 2015 is getting the Pay It Forward program up and running. It’s been Rob Jordan’s dream to incorporate socially responsibility into the inner workings of Idealist Consulting since he founded the company in 2006 and this is a tangible way that dream has become reality.

The Pay It Forward program stems from an understanding that social responsibility doesn’t rest solely on the shoulders of nonprofits, and that the private sector needs to play an equal part for there to be any measure of change. Idealist Consulting is happy to facilitate the work (we also participate in Pledge 1%), but really, a big round of applause goes to the private sector clients who donated to nonprofit partners through their work with us:

Evanta gave to Education Pioneers
Paragon Bioteck gave to Idaho Conservation League
Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC gave to Thrive
Tripwire gave to The Mission Continues
Factual gave to Airlink
COPE Health Solutions gave to Partners in Care Foundation
DonorDrive gave to Young Survival Coalition
Envoy Relationship Marketing gave to Impact NW
MTN Government Services gave to Destiny Rescue
Tech Trep Academy gave to Creative Education Foundation

In many cases, the private sector companies chose organizations with like-minded values and areas of focus, such as education.

A big thank you to our outstanding donor clients! We love that in branching into the private sector, we’re able to work even more deeply with organizations dedicated to improving their communities and help everyone have more impact.

Read more on how we set it up the Pay It Forward program and get tips for establishing your own program here!



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