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Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud: What's Available Now and What's on the Horizon

By: Idealist Consulting

What is Nonprofit Cloud?

In March, Salesforce released a new product, Nonprofit Cloud, aimed at providing a more comprehensive and streamlined solution for nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit Cloud is designed to help nonprofits manage their operations more effectively, by providing tools for fundraising, case management, and program management created with features already used in other Salesforce products. The new release includes features that are intended to make the platform a powerful and customizable solution for nonprofits of all sizes.

Nonprofit Cloud is designed to integrate with other tools like CRM Analytics and EinsteinGPT, allowing nonprofits to gain insights into their data and make data-driven decisions more easily. The platform will also include new fundraising tools, available starting in October. Nonprofit Cloud offers a more personalized experience, with the ability to tailor the platform to fit the specific needs of every organization. 

Is Nonprofit Cloud ready to use?

Program Management: 

The Program Management module within Nonprofit Cloud provides a centralized location for nonprofits to manage their programs, including tracking participants, activities, and outcomes. Nonprofits can create custom program templates and workflows to automate processes, such as program registration, participant check-ins, and attendance tracking. With real-time visibility into program data, nonprofits can make informed decisions about program improvements and evaluate effectiveness.

The Program Management module also integrates with other Salesforce products, including Marketing Cloud, to provide a holistic view of nonprofit operations. Organizations can leverage the power of predictive analytics through Salesforce Einstein to gain insights into program data and make data-driven decisions. With the Program Management module, nonprofits can focus on their mission and deliver impact more efficiently to their communities. Program Management in Nonprofit Cloud is currently available for use by nonprofits.

Case Management:

The Case Management module in Nonprofit Cloud allows nonprofits to centralize and organize their case data, making it easier to manage and analyze. It provides features including case creation, tracking, and resolution, as well as case history and communication tracking.

With the Case Management module, nonprofits can also create and assign tasks related to specific cases, collaborate with team members, and create custom reports and dashboards to monitor case activity and outcomes. Case Management in Nonprofit Cloud is also currently available for use.

App integration:

Many nonprofits use third-party apps, such as donation platforms, that integrate with Salesforce. With the new Nonprofit Cloud product release, the folks who make those third-party products are busy working on updated integrations. Once the fundraising features for Nonprofit Cloud are released in October, we'll have more information as to what the third-party app landscape looks like. Stay tuned!

What about fundraising?

The Fundraising module is an important component of the new Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud product, and is designed to help nonprofits manage their fundraising efforts more effectively. The Fundraising module provides tools to help organizations manage donations, track donor engagement, and measure fundraising performance. This module will not be available until Salesforce’s winter release in October.

What nonprofits need to know now:

Nonprofit Cloud features and functions will continue to become available over the course of this year. For those considering early adoption, Case and Program Management modules are currently available for use. For those using NPSP, Salesforce has reiterated that there is no plan to sunset the NPSP product.

We know new products in the Salesforce ecosystem can sometimes be complex to navigate, so we’re here for you. We will continue to distill Nonprofit Cloud product information and share it on our blog and in our newsletter. You can also stay up to date by following our LinkedIn page. If you have questions about Salesforce’s recent announcements, functionality of the Nonprofit Cloud product, or want to talk through options for your organization, call an Idealist! Click the button below to chat with our team.

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