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Salesforce Unveils Nonprofit Cloud: What You Need to Know

By: Idealist Consulting

As you may have seen, Salesforce announced a new product in March, 2023: Nonprofit Cloud. For those of us who have been here for a while, you may remember when Nonprofit Cloud was the brand term for all of Salesforce's nonprofit offerings (now called Salesforce for Nonprofits, because they love a rebrand). The new Nonprofit Cloud product is an all-new offering that is a rebuilding and expansion of nonprofit functionality in Salesforce, leveraging components currently used by industries including Healthcare and Finance.

It turns out that nonprofits do a lot of the same things that industries do. Nonprofit Cloud uses a different data model that allows for more sharing of Salesforce common components so that nonprofits can take advantage of advances and tools in other Clouds (like Health Cloud or Financial Services Cloud) without having to start from scratch. We think this change will increase agility for nonprofit users and accelerate functionality development.

We’re especially excited about several core features that have been unavailable within NPSP including Omnistudio, Data Processing Engine, and Business Rules Engine to name a few. Check out our blog post, Understanding Industry Common Features in Nonprofit Cloud, where we explore these tools in more depth.

To see the full timeline for Nonprofit Cloud availability, check out this post from

So what does this mean for you?

First of all, NPSP is not going away. No need to plan for a migration, NPSP is still a viable and fully supported product. The same goes for the Power of Us program, free licenses and discounts will remain available for nonprofits through these changes.

We’ve got your back

This is a big shift for the nonprofit community and we’re excited to navigate this with you. Know that our team has been learning all about Nonprofit Cloud, and will continue to advise your organization on the technology best suited to your needs. Click the button below to bookmark our Nonprofit Cloud Resource Library to stay up to date on our team's take on the new product!


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