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Understanding Industry Common Features in Nonprofit Cloud

By: Kathy Dunne

With the release of Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud offerings, organizations are gaining access to the latest technology solutions on the platform. Collectively, these new features are referred to as Industry Common Features (ICFs) and are powerful tools that have been developed for and are used across different industries within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

How are these features relevant to nonprofits?

What makes these components particularly exciting for nonprofit organizations is that Nonprofit Cloud harnesses the power of features already proven at scale in other Industry Clouds. This means that nonprofits can tap into the substantial investments made by Salesforce, reaping the benefits of tested tools. This alignment is a significant shift because it means nonprofits now have access to tools and capabilities that were previously exclusive to other sectors, such as healthcare, financial services, and the public sector.

The move to align with other Industry Clouds ensures that nonprofits can leverage these Industry Common Features effectively and seamlessly, making it easier for them to access and implement innovative features as they become available. As Salesforce continues to develop new capabilities and innovations for its Industry Clouds, nonprofits will now have access to these developments, ultimately enabling them to enhance their operational efficiency, deepen engagement with their supporters, and make a more significant impact in their communities. This shift represents a forward-looking approach that recognizes the importance of equipping nonprofit organizations with the tools and technologies needed to thrive in the modern era.

Our top 5 features for nonprofits

Below, we’ll explore five Industry Common Features now available in Nonprofit Cloud that our team is most excited about.

1. Actionable Relationship Center (ARC)

ARC makes it possible to represent any and all relationships visually. For many nonprofits, being able to see how individuals relate to other constituents is critical. That isn’t all that ARC can do, though. You can configure Actionable Relationship Center graphs based on any related objects to visualize connections, such as between Programs and Benefits, or Outcomes, Indicators, and Results. ARC helps nonprofits visualize the relationships within their data, ultimately helping them to understand their constituents on a more profound level and increase engagement.

2. Business Rules Engine

Business Rules Engine is a powerful tool that allows nonprofits to automate and enforce rules and processes. It facilitates eligibility determinations and streamlines decision-making to ensure compliance with organizational policies, program requirements, and funder regulations. Decision Explainer can be used alongside Business Rules Engine to provide transparency into the logic used to arrive at an output.

3. Data Processing Engine

Data Processing Engine in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is responsible for data transformation and integration, enabling nonprofits to connect and perform calculations on data from various sources. It can handle large volumes of data with exceptional speed to support timely, data-driven decisions. Data accuracy and integration are essential in the nonprofit sector, where organizations deal with diverse data sources, from CRM records to online donations.

4. Interaction Summaries

Interaction Summaries provide advanced note tracking about clients and constituents. Used in conjunction with Compliant Data Sharing, Interaction Summaries enable granular control over who has access to sensitive information, beyond what’s possible with standard sharing rules. Plus, Interaction Summary records are not archived the way Salesforce Activities are, so they are available for reporting as long as they are needed.

5. OmniStudio

OmniStudio is a suite of tools within Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud that enables nonprofits to build custom applications tailored to their specific needs. With OmniStudio, organizations can create sophisticated forms, reusable components, data handling procedures, and even document generation solutions. While OmniStudio provides organizations with powerful capabilities, it’s important to note that this tool may have a higher learning curve for many users. Nonprofit Cloud comes with some pre-built OmniStudio components that can be used immediately and also serve as the basis for more customized solutions.

Is Nonprofit Cloud right for you?

The components listed above empower nonprofit organizations to build stronger relationships with supporters, customize solutions to address specific needs, maintain compliance, and harness the full potential of their data.

In a sector where relationships and data are paramount, these features provide a strategic advantage. Nonprofits leveraging Nonprofit Cloud can optimize their operations, enhance engagement, and work towards achieving their mission with a more profound impact. Click the button below to talk with an Idealist and get a customized assessment to determine if Nonprofit Cloud is right for your organization!

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