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Where we’re headed in 2018

12.28.17 By: Jacqueline Fassett

What’s your 2018 resolution?

At Idealist Consulting, our goals have always focused on how technology can help nonprofits grow. And in the last few years, we’ve expanded our customer base to also include businesses with values similar to our own. By doing this, we have been able to expand our impact.

This year we’re taking it a step further. We are, quite frankly, shocked at the implications that the new tax bill has for nonprofits, and see a greater need than ever for businesses like ours to step up our commitment to social responsibility. In 2018, we’re taking what we’ve learned from over a decade of working with nonprofits on Salesforce and doubling down on what we do best. Here is some of what we’re focusing on in 2018.


Values first

In 2017, we took a deep dive into who we were and revamped not only our website and logo but also our company values. By having frank discussions about what matters most to each of us who work at Idealist Consulting, we brought forward five values that exemplify who we are as individuals and company. Little did we know how critical those would be to anchor ourselves and steer our decisions as the news got wilder and wilder in 2017.

Our founder Rob Jordan speaks often about his desire to “leave a positive wake” with every interaction we have. We believe that by being upfront about our values and making sure they factor into every aspect of our projects, we will be able to help your nonprofit or business have a far greater impact.

Our new values aren’t just empty words. For example, our value “Believe in Impact” is exemplified through our recently announced Idealist Grant, an award which dedicates 10% of our profits from working with the corporate sector back to a select progressive nonprofit.

Want to know how we’ll exemplify the four other values? Read our plan for each new value here:


The human side of marketing automation

We’ve had a commitment to marketing automation for years, but as robots replace more and more jobs, this year we are focusing on the human side of marketing automation. Sure, the technology will take you far if you apply it right, but it’s what that means for YOU, the user that we really care about.

That’s why this year we’re going to offer expanded strategic marketing automation services. Whether you’re already a marketing automation user or you’re planning to implement a marketing automation solution in 2018, Idealist Consulting will focus on the relationships and human side of what marketing automation can do.


Laser-focus on how YOU use Salesforce and Marketing Automation

We’ve always been committed to our client’s experience. That’s why we don’t shy away from feedback, positive or negative. As we look towards 2018, we’re focusing even more on client success and the impact you can achieve once you have a solid base on CRM and marketing automation. We know that by working to build a cohesive foundation, we can help you achieve long-term success and share your story to inspire similar organizations.

We’ve outlined what our customer-centric approach looks like in our article “How to pick a great Salesforce consultant by watching their bedside manner”. Read the article here.


Deeper inspiration, less noise

We’ve been blogging twice a week for several years now and have developed a deep library of resources that continue to inspire you regularly. In 2018 we’re looking forward to creating resources you need, with focus on quality over quantity. We will be blogging just once a week now, and focusing on giving you the type of resource you need when you need it through our own Pardot engagement programs.

Our monthly newsletter, Ideation, will feature top-notch articles ranging from need-to-know Salesforce news to how organizations like yourself are impacting your communities. Our now weekly blog will help you better navigate your options in the Salesforce world.


Here's to 2018

After a centering holiday break, our team is ready to push forward with our 2018 resolutions. We’re looking forward to using our business as a force for good while bringing you excellent resources and services.

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